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Long and thick eyelashes are what many people desire. They not only help your eyes to be more beautiful and attractive but also protect your eyes from debris in the environment. This blog summarizes the best eyelash growth hacks that you can easily do at home. 

Long eyelashes make your eyes more attractive.
Owning long and curled eyelashes are always the desire of many women. The eyes of women become more attractive if the eyelashes are curved, long and “shiny”. You only need to follow these simple eyelash growth hacks to have naturally curved, long and black eyelashes.

1. Eyelash Growth Serum with Castor Oil

Castor oil is full of vitamin E and is a good source of protein, omega-6s, and omega-9s. Therefore, it will nourish lashes from the inside and accelerate the growth of eyelashes faster. Hence, it is considered one of the best ways to make eyelashes grow fast and strong.


Castor oil can promote hair growth.
Dip a brush in some castor oil and apply it to the root of your lashes.
It should be applied in the evening, overnight. When you are asleep, the castor oil will penetrate hair cells and nourish fast-growing eyelashes.

2. Fresh lemon and olive oil:

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E, Polyphenol. It helps reduce bad cholesterol and revitalize dead cells while restoring and nourishing cells very quickly. With olive oil, you can turn your thin lashes into long and naturally curved lines.
Fresh lemon is a very good fruit to help stimulate the growth of eyelashes faster. Therefore, a mixture of lemon and olive oil is the secret of how to lengthen your lashes to help you own long, thick, black eyelashes and a pair of eye-catching eyes.
Olive oil and lemon can easily be found anywhere.
How to do it: 
1. Put a few drops of lemon essential oils in a container of olive oil. Alternatively, you can soak a piece of lemon in a bowl of olive oil overnight.
2. Then, apply this mixture to your lashes before going to bed, using a clean mascara wand or a clean Q-tip.

3. Avoid using false eyelashes:

False eyelashes can make your eyes more beautiful and attractive for those who have sparse lashes. But do you know using false eyelashes will lose your natural lashes? Every time you use them, you have to attach a special type of glue for eyelashes, but after removing it can drag the true eyelash hair, which makes them more sparse.
False eyelashes are beautiful but can harm your natural lashes.
Immediately stop using fake eyelashes, so as not to affect your real eyelashes
Therefore, avoiding the use of false eyelashes will be a huge benefit for the lengthening of your lashes.

4. FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer:

FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer is the product that many women love more and more, because of its fast effectiveness. Additionally, it has a superior effect over other ingredients. Products are from the US, with ingredients extracted completely from nature.
FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer
FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer provides enough vitamins and nutrients for damaged lashes.
  •  Very rich in nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to eyelashes
  •  Penetrates and nourishes from within the hair follicle
  •  Make eyelashes longer and thicker visibly
  •  Help restore damaged, weak, and thinning eyelashes
  •  Protect your lashes from external environmental influences
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has certified the FEG eyelash serum to be safe. Suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive skin.

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