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FEG PLus Eyelash Serum

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FEG Plus product line – the new generation of advanced technology serum series. The dual offers the perfect combination for more effective eyelash maintenance.”

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Researched by leading experts along with a support of modern biotechnology system, FEG PLUS has achieved excellent SGS Swiss and US FDI standards.

FEG Plus is produced from advanced technology by leading experts.

Products' ingredients is selected from nature nutrients. It ensures the safety of these products that are suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, when launched in many countries, FEG PLUS are certified by internationally prestigious organization such as CE, ISO, GMP...


Through a 10-year research, FEG COSMETIC found the best nutrients for lashes from rare herbs. New nutrients are combined with substances in the old version according to a superior formula.

The combination do not only improve your eyelashes but it also nourishes the eyelashes completely:

Promoting rapid growth of eyelashes, the eyelashes can get longer, more thick and still keep the eyelashes in curl. 

Creating a protective barrier against oil, perspiration, dust and debris

Reducing remarkable eyelashes breakage 

Improving damaged eyelashes and low eyelash growth issues after 2 weeks of assiduous use