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4 Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth

Unsurprisingly, coconut oil has become a major product in health and beauty products with many proven benefits. From moisturizing and protecting your skin and hair to antibacterial and antifungal properties. Not only that, coconut oil also works to growth your eyelashes. Coconut oil can help keep your lashes healthy, leading to fuller lashes. Here are 4 Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth.

4 Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth

Human and animal studies Sources suggest that virgin coconut oil is safe to use around the eyes. Along with being safe to use in this fragile area, coconut oil can double the action. Not only provide benefits for your lashes, but also the skin around the eyes. The following, 4 Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth.

1. Stronger lashes

There is evidence that coconut oil can protect hair against damage from shampooing, hair products and styling. Although the available evidence all focuses on the hair on your head, it is possible in theory. However, it also applies to eyelashes.
Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth
Stronger lashes
Coconut oil contains fatty acids, mainly lauric acid, which make it easier to be absorbed by the hair shaft. According to research sources. This may be why coconut oil seems to provide better and longer lasting protection than other oils.
A source study showed that applying coconut oil to hair would be protected by reducing protein loss. Regarding eyelashes, this can help protect your lashes. It helps to prevent eyelashes from being damaged by face wash or eye makeup remover.

2. Protection against bacteria

The microorganisms are naturally present on your eyelashes and are capable of causing bacterial and fungal infections. Medium-chain fatty acids, such as those found in coconut oil. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can protect against them. Lauric acid has the greatest antibacterial activity of all medium chain fatty acids. Applying coconut oil on eyelashes and the skin around them can protect you from skin infections and folliculitis.
Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth
Protection against bacteria

3. Fuller eyelash

Coconut oil is able to moisturize and protect hair from protein loss and damage. Assuming that these benefits also extend to eyelash hair. This could result in fewer eyelashes falling out so your lashes appear thicker and fuller.
Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth
Fuller eyelash

4. Coconut oil is compatible with eyelash proteins

How will coconut oil be used if your eyelashes cannot absorb them in the first place? Because coconut oil is compatible with your hair protein, it can more easily penetrate your lashes than other oils. So if you’re looking to give your damaged eyelashes some extra love, you’ll get the most nutritional absorption from coconut oil. That means it will also absorb faster and leave less grease residue.
Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth
Coconut oil is compatible with eyelash proteins

How to use coconut oil for eyelashes

There are a couple of ways that you can use coconut oil for your eyelashes, including eyelash serums or virgin coconut oil applied directly.

The benefits of using an eyelash serum is that it usually comes with an applicator that makes it easy to apply. The downside is that they’re not necessarily 100-percent natural. They can also be pricey, depending on the brand.
Virgin coconut oil is available online and in most health food and grocery stores. It can be easily applied using a clean finger, an eyelash brush, or mascara wand. Disposable eyelash brushes and mascara.
To apply coconut oil using your fingers:
  • wash your hands.
  • take a small amount out of the container using your index finger.
  • rub the coconut oil between your two index fingers.
  • Close your eyes and rub the oil gently along your lash lines.
Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth
apply coconut oil using your fingers

To apply with an eyelash brush or mascara wand:
  • dip a new brush or wand into a container of coconut oil.
  • carefully apply the oil to your eyelashes as you would mascara.
  • apply to top and bottom lashes.
  • use a cotton swab or pad to gently remove any excess oil from your lashes or skin.
Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth
apply with an eyelash brush or mascara wand

Precautions and side effects

Coconut and coconut oil allergies are very rare but can still happen. Virgin coconut oil is generally safe for use on the skin and around the eyes. However, you should still be careful to not get it in your eyes.
Using 100-percent organic virgin coconut oil is your safest bet. As other products may contain ingredients that could cause irritation or an allergic reaction.
Use a clean, damp washcloth to remove any excess oil from around your eyes. If you happen to get the oil in your eyes and feel any irritation, flush your eyes with water right away.
Although using coconut oil is very good for growing eyelashes. But besides that, it still irritates the user’s eyes. Therefore, if you want to have a naturally developed eyelash that does not irritate the eyes, then FEG Plus+ Eyelash Vitalizer serum is the perfect choice. A combination of natural and other ingredients that can strengthen your lashes, promote new lash growth. You can see a difference in your lashes after 7-14 days using this product. Find out more at the website: fegeyelash.com
Great Uses Of Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth
FEG Plus+ Eyelash Enhancer serum


OVERALL: Finally, these are all great uses of coconut oil for eyelash growth. With daily use of coconut oil, we can help achieve the desired results. coconut oil for eyelash growth

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