Eyelash Care After The Way Of Being Burnt

Burning eyelashes sounds will be difficult to happen, right? But in fact, many people have fallen into this situation. Eyelashes after being damagingly burned causes both loss of aesthetics and affect hair follicles. How to overcome this situation? The article will show you how to have appropriate eyelash care tips for the damaged lashes.

Eyelash Care After The Way Of Being Burnt

There are many reasons why your lashes are burnt than you think. Let’s take a look at the most common causes.

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Having an eyelash extensions can do more harm than good.

The causes of eyelashes are burnt

The chemicals in eyelash glue or eyelash curlers are the leading agents that cause eyelashes to get burned. Just like hair, using lots of chemicals as well as being affected by heat, sooner or later your eyelashes will “stop” and leave.

Sometimes we all have crazy thoughts that harm ourselves in some ways

In addition, there is another cause but only a very small part, which is … playful. There are many people who get mistake in this ridiculous situation because of a fool moment of “try to catch the lashes on fire”

Just don’t worry, under no circumstance , just perform this way. We will make sure that your eyelashes grow stronger over and over again.

Eyelash Growth Naturally With 5 Golden Materials

The method to deal with burning eyelashes is extremely effective

Suffering from a “burning” process, your eyelashes are currently lack of moisture and nutrition. The key to keeping your eyelashes long after burning is to provide them with enough nutrients.

Use coconut oil: No need to discuss much about this “multi-talented” material anymore. Containing substances that increase the resilience of the eyelash. Applying coconut oil to your eyelids every day will help you achieve your dreamy lashes.

Coconut oil can do everything…

Cons: Due to coconut oil that contains high oily properties, it is easy to produce slime which should not be used to nourish the eyelashes. This can cause allergies, pimples and redness.

Long-lasting lashes serum in this case will be a perfect choice. Due to their ingredients which have full of nutrients and vitamins is extremely useful for the development of eyelashes. In addition, eyelash serum is made up from many tiny molecules. This helps to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles, nourishing the entire eyelash.

Eyelash Serum is getting closer to beauty industry


👉 Stimulates eyelash growth. Helping lashes grow longer.

👉 Nourish strong lashes. Prevent fractures

👉 Shaping curled lashes.

👉 Protect eyelash from the attack of dirt, pollution, …

Cons: Nowadays on the market appears many brands of poor quality lashes products. Not only does it have no effect on lashes but it also has unpredictable consequences for health.

To avoid the wasting money without no results, you should only use long-lasting eyelash care products that have been reputed in the market.

FEG Plus Eyelash Serum – the eyelash care weapon for burnt lashes.

Good news for those who have burnt eyelashes here. Your eyelashes can grow back with FEG eyelash serum.

This is a product from the famous FEG brand in the US. Voted as one of the 6 best eyelash products in the world, the FEG Plus eyelash serum has convinced the hearts of so many customers around the world.

The ingredients in FEG serum are all natural extracts. Bringing benign and soothing characteristics. Does not cause irritation. Gives you inherent perfect lashes.

FEG Plus Eyelash Serum – The Latest Product Of FEG Cosmetics

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