Have you ever heard eyelash growth castor oil?That’s sound interesting right. All of girls or woman care about beauty the most so updating embellish knowledge should be do everyday.And like i said before,i will send you some informations about growing your eyelash..A beautiful face can’t be perfectly if it lack of long and fuller eyelash.So what things you can use to grow eyelash, how to do?….. The answers are in this paragraph.Let’s find out eyelash growth caster oil and 4 things you have to notice.


1.What is castor oil and how many types of it

Castor oil is known as a vegetable oil which is pressed from castor bean.For detail we have to extract the oil from the castor bean or seeds of Ricinus communis plant.Although these seeds contain a toxic enzyme, the heating process that castor oil undergoes deactivates it, allowing the oil to be used safely.There are two kinds of castor oil, one is yellow and another is Jamaican black cator oil . The black castor oil is developed by first roasting the bean, following the method in Jamaica.

eyelash growth castor oil
Castor oil for eyelash growth


2.What are the benefits of castor oil.

Many people call castor oil is miracle oil because it’s used for many health and beauty treatments, maybe used as a lubricant.Here are some certainly benefits could be useful for you.


eyelash growth castor oil
Castor oil

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  • Promotes wound healing: Applying castor oil to your wound creates a moist environment that healing and prevents sores from dying out. It also reduces dryness and cornification , the buildup of dead skin cells that can delay wound healing


  • Keep your hair and scalp healthy: we can use castor oil as a natural oil conditioner. By applying castor oil to the hair wil increasing flexibility and decreasing the chance of breakage.Plus, it also reduce dandruff


  • Remedy for constipation: Research have found that the main fatty acid in castor oil is ricinoleic binds to receptors on the muscle cells of your intestinal walls.This causes those muscles to push out stool and thus, relieves constipation.And castor oil will work effectively if you use it during the day.


3 How eyelash growth castor oil is helpful for you and the way to use

This is must to be best benefits i need you to know.Because of 2 main nutrients in castor oil, vitamin E and ricinoleic acid , will make your eyelash effectively glossier and thicker.Vitamins E work as a powerful antioxidant that conditions your eyelashes.keep them falling out and also protect from free radical.While ricinoleic acid, an omega 9 essential fatty acid that thickens your lashes and stimulate last growth.

eyelash growth castor oil
Before and after eyelash growth castor oil


Next, these are few steps to help you make eyelash growth castor oil more effectively 

  • The day before using castor oil, you should do a small patch test by applying amount of castor oil to area of skin such as arm to test for any allergic 
  • Clean your face and eyelashes carefully so that they are free of any dirt and avoid enhancing of bacteria 
  • Dip a cotton swab into castor oil bottle amount of certain.
  • Applying cotton swab along your eyelash from root to the top and make sure that none drips into the eyes 
  • You should do it before going to bed in order to gain the most effectively  

4 Another best option for you to make eyelash grow naturally.

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