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What is eyelash growth cycle? How to grow eyelashes?

I. What is eyelash growth cycle?

Eyelash growth circle
                                                       Eyelash growth circle

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Like the hair on your head, each individual eyelash is programmed to grow to a certain length, fall off, and will regrow. It is like the moon’s rising cycle, no matter how dive it is, it will always round again. We call that “Eyelash growth cycle”.

1.Growth phase (Anagen)

This period will last about 30-45 days. According to the study, a healthy hair follicle can maintain this stage for about 45 days. Weak hair follicles can only maintain within 30 days. Only about 40% of the upper lashes and 15% of the lower lashes have the same growth phase to ensure there are always eyelashes on the eyes. Each eyelash will grow to a certain length and then stop

2.Transition period (Catagen)

This period will last for 14-21 days. At this stage, eyelashes have stopped growing. The eyelashes begin to dry and the hair follicles begin to shrink. Surprisingly, the lashes retain their maximum length though the young lashes begin to replace it.

Special attention, if there is any reason for eyelashes to fall out at this stage, it may take a long time to regrow. That is why it is very important to take care of healthy hair follicles.

3.Resting period (Telogen)

Eyelashes will naturally fall off in a period of 90-120 days. It is almost impossible to see the eyelashes with the naked eye.

During this period, you need to pay attention to clean eyelashes to avoid inflammation, help hair follicles to rest to get ready for healthy young lashes to grow.


Therefore, the eyelashes falling out is a normal thing. The only thing we can do is to extend the life of the eyelashes and make them long, thick, and darker.



II. FEG Plus Lashes – a breakthrough in eyelash maintenance

FEG Plus-one of the most effective eyelash serum
FEG Plus-one of the most effective eyelash serum

Because of being a “big plus” for a pretty face, the girls have spread dozens of “secret” tips for each other. These include coconut oil, vaseline, or onion juice. However, these methods are effective rather slowly, while causing phenomena such as eye strain or tear.

As a result, more and more girls are looking for products that are soothing, natural, and effective. In particular, the highlight is the FEG Plus eyelash serum. With FEG Plus serum, it is guaranteed to be an optimal choice with many outstanding ADVANTAGES for naturally long eyelashes. As a prestigious brand from the United States and FDA-approved products, Plus long eyelashes are considered a panacea to help long eyelashes fast and absolutely safe

Outstanding advantages:

  • Effective within 5 days
  • Stimulate eyelashes grow more, long and black
  • Avoid traits that grow inwards
  • Prevent breakage and dry eyelashes
  • New breakthrough in production formulas. Efficiency is up to 5 times higher than previous products
  • Reduces dark spots and rejuvenates sensitive skin around the eyelids, keeping the eyes looking fresh
  • Providing vitamin A E C nourishes the eyelashes from deep within
  • Protect your eyelashes against external agents
  • Extend the aging cycle of your eyelashes by adding collagen
  • Natural ingredients, benign to the skin

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