7 Useful Tips Treatment Of Eyelash Growth At Home

Eyelashes are a charming point of women. However, owning a short and thin lashes makes you lose confidence when communicating. Women want to have long naturally curled lashes, do not have to use measures such as eyelash extensions, affecting eyelashes. To help you have long and confident lashes, here are 7 useful tips treatment of eyelash growth at home.


Taking care of your eyelashes is a top priority for women. The following 7 useful tips to treatment of eyelash growth at home, extremely simple and effective

1. Using coconut oil makes eyelashes grownth

Coconut oil has the ability to nourish the skin, prevent and eliminate acne effectively. In addition, it also works to help long and thick eyelashes grow very safe. It is found in the composition of this natural material is rich in vitamins A and C. It helps eyelashes, hair grow longer and denser. Besides is the active fat called tri-glycerides that helps nourish the eyelashes healthier, not sparse.

Eyelash Growth At Home
Coconut Oil

How to use coconut oil for long and dense eyelashes is very simple. Every night before going to bed, use a cotton swab dipped in coconut oil and brush the lashes from the feet to the ends, for the upper lashes. The same for lower lashes. You will see marked improvement if used regularly.

Easy Tips to have the eyelashes nursed  effectively at home

2. Massage for lashes

Massage for the eyelashes is an effective method to stimulate the eyelid follicles, help healthy eyelashes, grow quickly. The procedure is extremely simple, just use two fingers to gently rub around the eyelids. Do this every day and you’ll see how your eyelashes change.

Eyelash Growth At Home
Massage is good for eyelashes

3. Vaseline effectively nourishes lashes

Not only moisturizing products for lips, skin, vaseline also have the ability to nourish eyelashes extremely effectively. Every night, apply a little cotton ball to the vaseline and apply to eyelashes before bedtime. Within a month, your eyelashes will definitely curl unexpectedly.

A little note, should use a moderate amount of vaseline. If used too much, it will be bad for your eyes.

Eyelash Growth At Home
Vaseline effectively nourishes lashes


4. Healthy diet

A good diet full of nutrients nourishes a long and curled lashes. Please note the following 3 important components:

Biotin: Biotin is a B vitamin that helps your lashes grow extremely fast! Take biotin supplements every day to see the difference right away. Biotin is found in egg yolks, soy, bananas, animal liver, mushrooms, tuna …

Protein: When it comes to diet, one must pay attention to the amount of protein. Protein really helps your eyelashes and hair grow faster and thicker.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are important for hair growth in general. It helps restore and prevent hair damage, hair damage, and split ends. Antioxidants are found in citrus, avocados and leafy greens.

Healthy diet

5. Vitamin E to make eyelashes longer and thicker

Vitamin E is mentioned by many women in beauty. In addition to stimulating long eyelashes, vitamin E also helps grow eyelashes thicker and more evenly.
The way to use vitamin E is very simple. Same as above, you only need to use a cotton swab to absorb the solution and then apply it on the eyelashes from the inside out regularly every day.

Eyelash Growth At Home
Vitamin E to make eyelashes longer and thicker

Eyelash growth tip : Using gac oil for nursing your eyelash

6. Nursing eyelashes with simple aloe at home

Want to grow eyelashes faster, using aloe is the method everyone should apply. The gel in aloe vera with high moisturizing ingredients will help the eyelashes become surprisingly long and curled. Note, apply a moderate amount because the adhesion of aloe vera gel is not long, easy to droop eyes can make you uncomfortable.

Eyelash Growth At Home
Aloe helps eyelashes grow faster

7. Feg Plus+ – Nourishes and growth eyelashes

If you are a busy person who wants convenience but still wants to have strong long eyelashes, FEG Plus + is the perfect choice for you. With all natural ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Adenosine, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and vitamin C, it will add the necessary nutrients to the lashes. Helps nourish healthy eyelashes naturally and extend the breakout cycle.

Feg Plus+ – Nourishes and protects eyelashes

The usage is extremely simple. First, clean your eyes. Then, you apply the solution directly to the area under the eyelashes like mascara. Finally, wait 1-2 minutes for the solution to dry completely. Now your eyelashes are well protected and nourished, you will see your eyelashes change after just a few days of use.

FEG PLUS: The Quintessence  Of 10-Year Research

OVERALL: With 7 useful tips treatment of eyelash growth at home, you will soon have a charming, dense eyelash makeup, for a more attractive window of soul!


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