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Eyelash Growth Naturally With 5 Golden Materials

Owning gorgeous eyes is not only having big ones; we should have long, curved and edgy eyelashes. Thanks to the lashes that makes our eyes become more charming to the opposite person. Not everyone, however, is lucky enough to have that secret weapon; especially the obsession with falling eyelashes that drives us crazy. This article will display ways to own a beautiful and natural eyelashes everyday. With some eyelash growth tips, you will be more confident day by day.

Eyelash Growth Naturally With 5 Golden Materials

Olive Oil

FEG PLus+ Serum
Olive Oil – Multifunctional Beauty Weapon


What is eyelash growth cycle? How to grow eyelashes?


Being known as “the panacea” in beauty field by natural methods such as skin and hair care; Olive oil also works to help beautiful eyelashes naturally thick, long, safe and money saving. Coconut oil contains huge sources of vitamin A and vitamin C; which are  very useful for eyelash growth. Besides, there is fat called tri-glycerides,helps nourish the eyelashes and prevents the falling down. In addition, olive oil is also a “natural makeup remover”. How to cure mi with olive oil is also extremely simple. Just need a cotton swab soaked in olive oil, brush eyelashes like when we use mascara; and with a little perseverance in daily use. You will not be disappointed by the results that it brings.


Eyelash Growth
Vaseline can solve everything we need!

Another  multi-functional “remedy” in cosmetics product. Skin care, hair, lips and even eyelashes become easier with Vaseline. After applying vaseline to lips every night, you can immediately apply a little vaseline and apply on eyelashes before going to bed. After just over 1 month, your eyelashes will surely grow surprisingly long.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can cure everything!!!


Besides stimulating long lashes, vitamin E also helps the eyelashes grow even thicker.

It is very easy to apply Vitamin E into your lashes; you just need to put a little vitamin E on the palm of your hand or it is safer to use a cotton swab to absorb the solution. Then apply it on the eyelashes from the inside out regularly every day. You will have beautiful natural eyelashes after only 7-8 weeks of using.

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Fresh Milk

Milk is very good for health
Milk contains a lot of Protein which is very helpful for lashes

Milk is a fairly inexpensive fuel source; which provides protein and vitamins that help stimulate eyelashes effectively. The way to use fresh milk to nourish the lashes is also extremely simple; Soak a cotton swab with some milk, and then comb like mascara. Also do not forget to drink milk everyday to supply nutrients which is good for eyelash growth.

FEG Plus+ Eyelash Serum – Best Product For Eyelash Growth

FEG Eyelash Serum
FEG Eyelash Serum – well-known brand in the US

The natural fuels mentioned above actually work. They, however, require the girls to have certain patience. Therefore, it seems not to be suitable to the one who has an urgent need. Having understood the quick needs of those ladies, FEG Plus eyelash serum was born. It is ntegrated from many natural nutrients, including Octapeptide-2, stimulating the growth of eyelash fibers, limiting shedding; Pentylene Glycol: pushes other substances absorb quickly, nourishes the eyelashes, expands hair follicles to make eyelashes grow easier; … Much simpler; just open the product, quickly apply serum drops on the eyelashes. It helps us infuse easily absorbed nutrients into the eyelashes to help us have beautiful, thicker and denser eyelashes. After only 7 days of use, make sure you will be surprised with the results FEG gives.


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