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Simple solutions to solve the eyelash health issues for every women

Whether you have a big round eyes; Well, but short eyelashes will make the face less beautiful. A long, thick eyelashes will always suck those who look in their eyes. From there, it makes an irresistible charm to be a beautiful female. So, if you have short eyelashes, which solutions for these eyelash health issues?


1. Why the eyelashes are short

Have you ever had a natural eyelash that grows naturally, but has short eyelashes with long eyelashes? All the short long-term is really just because of genetics, the basis of each person; Or also because of the way we care for and nurture eyelash?
Genetic factors are one of the factors that affect the short or long term of the eyelashes. For example, in the parents’ family, they all had large, round eyes and long, thick eyelashes. So it’s the very high possibility that you will inherit that beauty.
eyelash health issues
Big round eyes with long, curling eyelash is a dream for every woman

However, the researchers wallet eyelashes as well as human hair; will be short and always grow, aging and breakage. Usually the life cycle of the eyelashes lasts for 90 days and is undergoing natural aging. But, a lot of you abuse too much makeup for the eyes; Make the eyelashes quickly break, fall, and even the risk of permanently never regrowth.

With a relatively short life cycle, so long eyelashes will be quite difficult to observe with the naked eye. Also, many people have used the measures to make eyelashes look longer, thicker like mascara, eyelashes,… But, these are just temporary alternatives. If you do not know to use it properly and know the care of goods eyelash after use; This is what caused the broken, damaged. And it even causes inflammation of the eyelash follicle due to exposure to chemical substances.

2. Solutions for the eyelash health issues

All the sisters, the followers of the long eyelashes still hand their hands to the effective natural eyelashes; For example, using coconut oil, olive oil, matcha green tea, fresh milk… These are all known substances as an ideal beauty product for eyelashes.
However, not all of the women have enough perseverance, waiting for the perfect, dreamy eyelashes. The same is why FEG PLUS was born. In order to help the eyelashes long quickly, effective immediately.
eyelash health issues
Feg Plus is the best choice for nursing eyelash
With many safe eyelashes’ brands nowadays, Eyelashes nursing stands out for its outstanding performance with eyelashes. As a result, for many girls, there is no time to nurse lashes in the above ways, the serum FEG is a perfect choice.
FEG PLUS is one of the 6 best products to help nourish healthy items naturally. Furthermore, this product is a full combination of nourishing nutrients, strong stem cell stimulation. Since then, it brings out the superior effect of improving the sparse lashes to become more attractive.
eyelash health issues
Product uses:
  • Restore damaged eyelashes, prevent breakage
  • Nourish long curled eyelashes effectively
  • Protect eyelashes from dirt and UV rays
  • Help extend the life of eyelashes
  • Nurse eyelashes from the inside
Especially: FEG PLUS’s moisturizing ingredients are completely natural, ensuring soothing does not irritate the skin, including sensitive skin.

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