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Luscious lashes are one beauty dream that many women share, but for some, this dream might seem harder to achieve than others. If you struggle to grow eyelashes, consider trying a few of the following techniques to improve overall eyelash growth. So you need some tips for your eyelash health nutrition.


Apply petroleum jelly on your eyelashes

Eyelash Health Nutrition
The use of Vaseline and the miracles has not been revealed

Gently apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly over your upper lash line using clean fingers or a cotton swab. You can apply it before bed or you can apply the petroleum jelly during the day. Vaseline contains 100%  petroleum jelly and it’s very cheap for perfect eyelash.

Petroleum jelly coats and seals each eyelash, protecting the lashes from drying agents and other harmful substances in the air. As a result, your lashes stay moisturized more effectively, thereby growing out to be stronger and healthier.

Great way to long and charming eyelashes

Long-lasting eyelashes with natural beauty oils

Eyelash health nutrition
Coconut oil is a good choice to nourish your lashes

Some natural beauty oil that you can use as vitamin E oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, and Castor oil  rank highest on the list of recommended oils because of the nutrients they contain. These natural oils protect coat over each lash, thereby blocking out to dry agents or other harmful airborne debris. Oils are a natural eyelash conditioner.

Carefully dab a small amount of oil along the upper lash line using a cotton swab. If applying before bed, let them dry slightly before you go to sleep.  Should be confined to natural oil that falls into the eye and if the oil falls, should be washed with warm water as soon as.

Grow eyelash with egg whites mixture

Eyelash health nutrition
Optimal choice for lashes

Egg whites are packed with protein, you can use egg whites on your eyelashes to help them healthier and longer. Especially, you can mix the egg white with the natural oils like Castor oil…. Use a lash brush or a cotton  swab to apply roughly two drops of this mixture to the right and left upper lash lines.

Don’t use egg white on your eyelash  without the natural oils. Egg whites can make your eyelashes become brittle. But you can apply Egg yolks directly on eyelashes. Egg yolks also contain biotin and protein make eyelash stronger and longer.

Use eyelash growth serum or conditioner

Eyelash health nutrition
Use of long-eyelash serum is also an effective way for the long pair of outstanding

The ingredients found in these products make eyelash thicker and longer efficiently. Depending on the brands that this product has different ingredients, but generally contain vitamins, biotin and purified water. Apply eyelash growth serum  on a daily basis can cause your lashes look longer and healthier in only a few weeks’ time.

Take care of your eyelash daily

Eyelash health nutrition
Clean remover carefully to help the eyelash follicle more ventilation

Mascara and eyelash glue contain chemical components that cause eyelashes that cannot breathe. Eyelashes grow slower and are easier to break down so you must clean remover carefully to help the eyelash follicle more ventilation. This makes eyelashes more easily grown and healthier.

Besides, a balanced diet should keep all your bodily functions running properly, including the body’s ability to grow eyelashes. For an added boost, though, make sure to consume plenty of B-complex vitamins, especially biotin. Biotin can be found in natural food sources, including nutritional yeast, liver, cauliflower, salmon, bananas, carrots, egg yolks, sardines, legumes, and mushrooms. 

DIY Eyelash Serum Without Castor Oil

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