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5 Major Eyelash Health Tips Every Woman Should Follow

5 Major Eyelash Health Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Have you ever feel jealous of a guy who has eyelash longer, thicker lashes than yours or a girl who doesn’t need mascara every day because she’s got naturally voluminous lashes? Makes you dream to own long, strong curved eyelashes. Following 5 Eyelash Health Tips below isn’t a distant dream anymore

5 Major Eyelash Health Tips Every Woman Should Follow

1. Change out mascara regularly

Many mascaras will dry up after 2 months. Because the constant open the product causes air and germs to get into the bottle, creating bacteria. It can all harm lashes and speed up shedding. So replace your mascara once three months after opening, even if there is still some liquid in the tube and in use.


2. Remove eye make-up before sleeping

5 Major Eyelash Health Tips Every Woman Should Follow
Remove eye makeup before sleeping

A thick layer of mascara and keeping it too long will cause the clogged eyelid follicles and swelling of the eyelids. Remember to remove your mascara before bed, and of using a cream- or oil-based cleanser to help nourish your lashes. Important that your makeup remover should be strong enough to remove mascara and eye liner yet gentle enough not to cause lash breakage or premature fallout. While removing makeup or washing your face, be extremely gentle around the lashes. Instead of rubbing your eyes, dab and swipe in a gentle motion to wipe the makeup off. Vigorous rubbing of the eye is the prime cause of eyelashes falling out.

3. Restrict using false eye lash or eye lash extension

Using falsies eyelash or eyelash extensions regularly can harm your eyes in more may that you think. Apart from causing acne and other skin issues, it can also make your eyelash hair weak and brittle. Some lash glues in extension and false eye lash contain ingredients such as latex or formaldehyde may lead to ripping out the eyelashes themselves or causing damage to the follicle.  


4. Eat healthily

5 Major Eyelash Health Tips Every Woman Should Follow
Heathy meals will help eyelash grow fast and stronger

With the addition of essential nutrients, the growth rate can increase and help the eyelashes grow longer. Therefore, a reasonable diet each day can contribute to longer and thicker eyelashes. Include foods rich in nutrients that promote hair growth such as omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, vitamin B5, iron and beta carotene. Foods like garlic, fish and green leafy vegetables have proven to stimulate lash growth.

5. FEG PLUS Eyelash Vitalizer

Effective eyelash care products that woman should use

These are quick and effective long-term care methods that you can apply at home. Feg Plus will stimulate eyelashes growing longer than 7-9mm and feel changes after only 5 days of use.

  • The limited edition elite collection is drawn from a 10-year research project.
  • Adding many new nutrients. Helps to nourish a more comprehensive lash with less time.
  • New breakthrough in production formulas. Enhances the impact on eyelashes. Efficiency is up to 5 times higher than previous products.
  • Reduce dark spots on the eyelids, keeping the eyes looking fresh
  • Restores, Nourishes and Protects eyelash from pollution

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