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Does Eyelash Serum affect badly to your eyes?

Does Eyelash Serum affect badly to your eyes?

Before using a certain product, you need to grasp some information from basic to advanced. So do the eyelash serum. Let’s take a quick look to know what it is and how it works.

What is lashes serum?

It is known as eyelash serum – a product that stimulates eyelash growth. It also helps lashes longer and thicker.

Lotion serum is very lightweight. It is constructed by micro particles with extremely deep permeability which helps nourish the hair follicles comprehensively

Eyelash Serum is getting closer to the customers.

The nutrients contained in serum for eyelashes are dozens of times more than other common products because the ingredients have provided moisturizing substances and substrates. To make it easier to understand, just a few drops of serum will contain all the necessary nutrients for the eyelashes.


Does Eyelash Serum affect badly to your eyes?

The answer are both yes and no. Why is it said that? Let’s analyze this “hot issue”!

First of all, lashes serum does not affect the eyes. The ingredients in most of it will have natural extracts. It brings benign and soothing feelings. In addition, the formulation of the serum has also been carefully calculated. Making sure no errors is not allowed even the smallest. Even if you accidentally get the serum in your eyes, just washing it off with water and it will be okay.

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Long eyelashes are what every women desires.

However, it is only safe when we applies products that have eyelashes originating and have been tested for safety. Currently on the market, it appears a lot of poor quality eyelash serum. If this chemical gets into the eyes, the consequences will be immeasurable. Therefore, you should only use genuine product and have a reputation in the market.

Which eyelash serum is effective and still safe

If you’re still wondering what type of lashes serum you should buy, FEG eyelash serum will be a perfect choice. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you cannot help yourself from buying it.

Origin: Made in the USA. The “child” of the famous cosmetic brand FEG. Rated as one of the six best eyelash products in the world by experts.

FEG PLUS Eyelash Serum – one of the best serum for lashes all around the world

Usage: Not only stimulating the growth of the lashes, it also helps eyelashes grow longer and thicker. FEG eyelash serum also prevents the falling down of the lashes very effectively. It also protects the eyelash from the dirt which stucks on the lashes all day long.

Ingredients: All ingredients of serum have natural extracts. Selected by the world’s leading experts, it is very safe and gentle on every skin. It also has a safety certificate issued by the US Food and Drug Administration.

This will be the perfect solution for those who are looking for ways to own attractive curling lashes. Through the article above, we hope you will find the answers and products for youself.


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