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Eyelash Serum DIY Aloe Vera Recipe

Eyelash Serum DIY Aloe Vera Recipe (1)

Eyelash serum DIY with aloe vera recipe

Not only do eyelashes protect your eyes from debris, but they also make you look gorgeous. If you’re looking for a way to make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker without using chemical, check out this eyelash serum DIY aloe vera recipe.

Eyelash Serum DIY Aloe Vera Recipe 1
Aloe Vera has been known as beneficial for hair growth.

What does aloe vera do for your eyelashes?

Aloe vera is one of the most popular ingredients for skin and hair care products because aloe vera is rich with vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to your skin and hair. Research has shown that aloe vera contains aloenin, a chemical that can promote lash growth. Even though it is a natural ingredient, you should still be careful to use it around the eyes.

Eyelash serum DIY with aloe vera recipe

There are a few different ways you can use aloe vera for your eyelashes. It is best to combine them with other natural ingredients that can promote lash growth as well rather than using it by itself. 

  1. Aloe vera and jojoba oil

Mix equal part of aloe vera gel and jojoba oil and add some chamomile infusion.

Then, apply this mixture to your eyelashes using a clean mascara wand.

Eyelash Serum DIY Aloe Vera Recipe 2
Combine aloe vera and jojoba oil for a better result.
  1. Aloe vera and castor oil

Mix equal part of aloe vera gel and castor oil. Add Vitamin E for more nutrients.

Store this mixture in a cool, dry place and apply nightly using a cotton swab or a clean mascara wand.

Eyelash Serum DIY Aloe Vera Recipe 3
What you will need for this recipe.

Similarly to aloe vera, jojoba oil and castor oil have been known to provide your lashes with protein and vitamins. Therefore, they will nourish and hydrate your lashes, prevent them from breakage. With a combination of aloe vera and castor/jojoba oil, your lashes can grow longer, thicker and stronger after continuous use.


Precautions when using aloe vera 

Aloe vera is usually safe to apply on your skin. However, your eyes can be sensitive to some ingredients, so you should take some precautions before applying it to your lashes.

  • Always apply them with a clean cotton swab or mascara wand.
  • If you have itching on your eyes after using aloe vera, wash it off immediately and avoid further use. After that, if the condition gets worse, consult your doctor.
  • In addition, when you mix aloe vera with other ingredients, make sure they suit your skin.


Eyelash Serum DIY Aloe Vera Recipe 4
Your eyes might be sensitive to aloe vera.

Even though aloe vera has been known beneficial for lash growth, there is no scientific research behind it. Using these remedies without knowledge can hurt your eyes. If you want to have longer and stronger lashes naturally, you can try out our newest product – FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer. A combination of natural and other ingredients that can strengthen your lashes, promote new lash growth. You can see a difference in your lashes after 7-14 days using this product. Click here to buy FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer here.







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