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DIY Essential Oils Eyelash Serum At Home

Eyelash serum

Every woman wants long and thick eyelashes. Because they make your eyes more gorgeous and also protect them from debris in the environment. This recipe is eyelash serum DIY oils that you can easily make at home.

DIY Essential Oils Eyelash Serum At Home 1
Long eyelashes are what every woman desires.

Why is this Eyelash Serum DIY Oils recipe the best?

Castor oil has been known as a great ingredient to promote hair growth. Additionally, it is also safe to use on eyelashes. Many people have had great results using castor oil to make their eyelashes grow longer. However, castor oil is a little bit too thick to use alone. Because it can make your lashes stick together and you will feel quite uncomfortable with it. That’s why you should combine it with another oil that has a lighter consistency.

DIY Essential Oils Eyelash Serum At Home 2
Castor oil is a great ingredient for your eyelashes.

Sweet almond oil is great to mix with castor oil. Because it can strengthen your hair and boost your lash growth but not too thick. The combination of castor oil and sweet almond oil provides your lashes with fatty acids and vitamins, hydrates and nourishes them, prevents them from breakage. Therefore, your lashes are stronger, thicker and new lashes start to grow too.

DIY Essential Oils Eyelash Serum At Home 3
Sweet almond oil is great to combine with castor oil.

Finally, to make your eyelash serum become “miracle”, you can add in essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquid plants extract. In this recipe, you will need two kinds of essential oils, which are lavender oil and rosemary oil. These two promote hair growth by miles and also strengthen your hair.

DIY Essential Oils Eyelash Serum At Home 4
Lavender and rosemary essential oils can promote lash growth.



1 tsp sweet almond oil

1 tsp castor oil

3 drops lavender oil

1 drop rosemary oil

Small bowl

Empty clear mascara tubes with a small funnel


1. Mix everything together in the small bowl

2.  Make sure everything is combined nicely

3. Use a dropper and put your serum into the empty mascara tube

4. Apply just one coat, once or twice a day. However, do not apply it overnight because it can seep into your eyes.

Precautions: If you are new to essential oils, please read Caution & Safety When Using Essential Oils.


Natural eyelashes
Apply once or twice a day for best results.


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