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FEG PLUS – The Quintessence Of 10-Year Research

FEG is a major international brand, with thousands of women known and used. In recent days, this cosmetic brand launched FEG Plus – new generation of eyelash growth serum for thicker and longer eyelashes for 5 days. With Natural formula and powerful advanced technology, FEG Plus is a product that helps stimulate and strengthen eyelashes. 

Eyelash Serum FEG PLUS: The Quintessence of 10-Year Research

FEG Plus remark a "big hit" of FEG Cosmetic in 2019
FEG Plus remark a “big hit” of FEG Cosmetic in 2019

In 2012, with the spectacular launch of FEG, created a new wave for the beauty community, welcoming the world. This is FEG Eyelash Enhancer Serum. When FEG Cosmetic released this product on the market, many people voted that FEG serum is one of the 6 best eyelash serums in the world.

And recently, FEG Cosmetic announced the launch of a new product and made a big hit. With many improvements in nutritional formulas, FEG Plus – a new generation of eyelash growth serum, is a product that many people have expected.

1. What is a FEG PLUS intensive nourishing serum?

FEG Plus is intensive growth and advanced nourishing serum for eyelash. Liquid serum is organized by a hundred thousand of molecule, has efficient absorb ability. The minerals and vitamin in FEG Plus have more 10 times nutrients than aloe and coconut oil. This product provides properly essential nutrients for eyelashes.

FEG Plus gives a positive change for your eyelash only 5 days.
FEG Plus gives a positive change for your eyelash only 5 days.

There are many prominent feature of FEG Plus comparing to previous version such as eyelashes hydrating, thick effectiveness, with a concentrated serum essence ratio. Therefore, just a small of serum is proper enough to nourish eyelashes completely.

2. What is the difference of FEG PLUS from other products?

FEG Plus is the perfect combination of the traditional formula and the novel breakthrough in our chemical research. During 10-year-research, a leading scientist created a innovated serum formula. It contains a large of best natural nutrients that help to nourish eyelashes in 5 days of usage.

The natural ingredients of FEG Plus is safe for all skin types.
The natural ingredients of FEG Plus is safe for all skin types.

If we compare FEG Plus with a previous product line, we could have a following calculation:


FEG PLUS is provide 4 times nutrients and 5 times effectiveness of eyelash nourishment.


3. The ingredient of FEG PLUS for thicker and longer eyelashes in 5 days

Besides nutrients and vitamins such as Protein, Biotin, vitamin E, vitamin C,… FEG Plus also add best nutrients for eyelash:

FEG Plus provides more nutrients than a previous product line.
FEG Plus provides more nutrients than a previous product line.
  • Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) is a polymer that functions to retain much water. Originally present in the human body, but the amount decreases with age. It displays a moisturizing effect with an outstanding moisture retention ability. In fact, according to one study, one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water.  Thus, when applied, quick-absorbing Hyaluronic acid immediately nourish, strengthen. protect and hydrate lashes and brows for optimal enhancement results.
  •  Melanin: Melanin is produced by melanocytes and is transported to keratinocytes.  The amount of melanin someone has determines one’s eyebrow and eyelashes color. Sufficient supply of melanin could ensure darker eyelashes and in turn, make one’s eyes appear to be brighter, rounder and become a much more reliable “attraction magnets”.
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract – Panax Ginseng has been proven to have the ability of slowing down the aging process 2 – 3 times more effectively in comparison with normal ginseng. By boosting the production of collagen, panax ginseng extract helps profoundly strengthening eyelashes. With pure ginseng essence, carefully tested without irritating eyelash.


4. Function of FEG PLUS

Indeed, why use fake lashes to glorify your look when you can achieve this naturally and safely with FEG Plus.

FEG Plus - Your eyelash would love it.
FEG Plus – Your eyelash would love it.
  • For Longer, Thicker & Natural Looking Eyelashes
  • Results Visible After Only 5 days of Use
  • No Side-Effects: Hypoallergenic
  • Lavishly Replenishes & Hydrates Each Lash
  • Only Effective Eyelash Serum  Product Approved by the FDA
  • Avoid trichiasis
  • Provide vitamin A E C fully protect folliculitis and eyelashes from external factors.
  • Hydrating and conditioning formula by improves elasticity, cares and protects from breakage, aging process.
  • protect areas vulnerable to damage by harmful agents, mascara, fake eyelashes, …
  • Supply collagen, slow down the aging process of eyelashes.

Especially: FEG Plus is the limited version, the final version of FEG premium eyelash enhancer brand only and is produced 1 time this year. 

According to customer study report after 1 week using FEG Plus: 

  • 73% of customers agree long and thick lash clearly
  • 80% of customers agree that eyelash start growing and improve bad situation of eyelashes
  • 85% of customers agree to have a positive change

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Only 3 weeks, FEG Plus completely convinced beauty community in USA is because great function. Thus, it proves that it has been a big hit of FEG brand. Therefore, why you don’t be one of the first customers owned this eyelash serum FEG Plus in Vietnam?

Eyelash Serum FEG PLUS: The Quintessence of 10-Year Research


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