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Easy tips to have the eyelashes nursed at home

Recently, the trend of transparent makeup gradually ascended the throne. Therefore, the trend of natural long eyelashes maintenance is also favored by women. It’s easy to have your eyelashes nursed at home in the best way.

Tips to have the eyelashes nursed at home

1. Why do you have to nurse the eyelashes ?

Since ancient times, having long lashes has always been the norm of beauty. To make long and thick eyelashes, many girls are not afraid to make eyelash extensions or make use of fake eyelashes. This is destroying your eyelashes’ growth day by day. Therefore, natural care is a safe solution to recover damaged eyelashes.
Natural tips to make long eyelashes
Using false lashes frequently can damage your eyelashes.
Not everyone is fortunate to possess a natural curve. Therefore, having eyelashes nursed well at home with natural ingredients helps them long and healthy. Thanks to that, the beauty is not afraid to abuse excessive makeup, avoiding damaging items of eyelashes as well as eyes.
In addition to the beauty effects, a strong eyelashes also help to protect your eyes from the harmful impacts of the environment such as dust and bacteria. Therefore, having eyelashes nursed at home safely is important for the women today.

2. Tips for nursing the eyelashes at home effectively

a. Help eyelashes grow fast with Vaseline, coconut oil, vitamin E

This includes useful ingredients for healthy eyelashes nourishment. Moreover, this mixture is a full combination of nutrients necessary for long-term growth of eyelashes.
eyelashes nursed at home
Vaseline. coconut oil and vitamin E can help to grow fast
Preparation: Vaseline, Pure coconut oil, 1 tablet vitamin E, 1 small cup and a clean grooming mascara
How to:
  • Mix evenly 1 little Vaseline, 5 drops of coconut oil, 5 drops of vitamin E until the mixture blends well together.
  • Use a grooming of mascara (or swab) to swipe the mixture onto the eyelash.
  • Keep the nutrients overnight and in the next morning clean with water


b. Lime and olive oil

Olive oil is rich in antioxidant content, which is a very good nutrient for lashes. Not only does it help to renovate dead cells, but olive oil also helps to nourish and develop strong lashes.
Tips to have the eyelash nursed at home
Olive oil brings many good nutrients
In addition, lemon also helps a lot to stimulate eyelashes grow quickly. Therefore, this mixture is an effective choice for those who want to improve their thin lashes at home.
Tips to have the eyelashes nursed at home
Lemon can make the eyelashes grow fast and effective.
Preparation: 1 fresh lime, olive oil, 1 glass jar and clean mascara brush
How to:
  • Rinse lime, peel and soak in diluted salt for about 10 minutes
  • Remove the lime peel on the glass jar and pour the submerged olive oil
  • Soak up lemon shell mixture and olive oil for 2 days and then apply to lashes.
  • Make sure to remove makeup off your eyes, especially eyelashes before applying
  • Only apply an adequate amount of conditioner to lashes
  • Use fresh and natural ingredients, avoid irritation or infection

3. New generation of eyelash nursing – Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer

With many safe eyelashes’ brands nowadays, Eyelashes nursing stands out for its outstanding performance with eyelashes. As a result, for many girls, there is no time to nurse lashes in the above ways, the serum FEG is a perfect choice.
FEG PLUS is one of the 6 best products to help nourish healthy items naturally. Furthermore, this product is a full combination of nourishing nutrients, strong stem cell stimulation. Since then, it brings out the superior effect of improving the sparse lashes to become more attractive.
eyelashes nursed at home
Product uses:
  • Restore damaged eyelashes, prevent breakage
  • Nourish long curled eyelashes effectively
  • Protect eyelashes from dirt and UV rays
  • Help extend the life of eyelashes
  • Nurse eyelashes from the inside
Especially: FEG PLUS ‘s moisturizing ingredients are completely natural, ensuring soothing does not irritate the skin, including sensitive skin.

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