FEG plus eyelash vitalizer reached the top 6 of the best eyelash care products in the world. In addition, it meets US FDA standards and is trusted by millions people. How has it reached US FDA. feg plus eyelash vitalizer fda


1. What is the US FDA standard?

FDA standards are the strict requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is given for monitoring the safety of products in their regulated categories circulating in the US market. And any exporter who wants to bring his or her product into the United States must comply with FDA regulations and obtain an FDA certificate.

feg plus eyelash vitalizer FDA
FDA is a consumer health organization

2. Why are FDA standards trusted by consumers?

  • Strict regulations for the product.

FDA standards are extremely strict. It helps people use food products and drinks that are safe for health. In addition, the FDA also protects products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics … The following are standards for some FDA products.

a.  Food and drink:

-Compliance with FDA

  1. HACCP Standard for Seafood and Fruit Juice
  2. Canned Foods Low in Acid Content
  3. Product Label

-Notices on Food Labels about Health, Ingredients and Uses

-GRAS assessments include product Ingredients and Notice to FDA

-Advice on cGMP requirements

-Determination tolerance of EPA and FDA for Pesticides

feg plus eyelash vitalizer fda
FDA Approved

b. Functional foods, drugs and functional drugs

-Compliance: Requirements about Product Label

-Safety: Components Details

-Registration of cGMP Manufacturing Facilities & Compliance

-The product information about Structure, Function.


c. Cosmetics / Pharmaceutical beauty

-Compliance: FDA Product Labeling Rules

-Safety: Ingredient evaluation


d. Electronic, electromagnetic, radioactive equipment

-Standard of operational efficiency, authentication request and report of FDA

-Comply with FDA electronic product report; apply for a Code to join FDA


  • Regulations on rigorous production facilities
feg plus eyelash vitalizer fda

In order to achieve the US FDA, manufacturers must comply with cGMP- current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. cGMP is a production regulation according to a general rule including:


-Production process

-Manufacturing equipment and product standards must conform to industry standards

-New inventions in technology and science right at the time of application.

Therefore, FDA standards help users easily select products. FDA certificate will guarantee the ingredients and absolutely safe for users. Products in the United States with FDA certification are highly appreciated around the world. feg plus eyelash vitalizer fda

How To Use FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer

3. How does FEG Flus eyelash vitalizer meet FDA standards?

  • The factory meets cGMP-current Good Manufacturing Practice

For pharmaceutical products, functional foods or cosmetics, consumers absolutely can not identify whether a product is quality, safe or good for health. Therefore, GMP standards will be a measure to help customers determine whether to buy that product.

A factory meets cGMP standards, which means that the factory must ensure that its products are manufactured continuously. Besides, it is accordance with quality standards. This will help prevent side effects of the product, poor quality products. It harm for health, environmental pollution,..

FEG Plus
  • FEG Plus eyelash vitalizer is certified to have safe ingredient

It contains ingredients that are safe to use: feg plus eyelash vitalizer fda

– Extract from hyaluronic acid which provide moisture and nutrients to nourish each eyelash follicle layer. Moreover, it recovers damaged eyelashes.

– Swertia extract will help your eyelashes become stronger and longer up to 7-9 mm. It also prevents eyelashes from breaking or falling.

– Panax Ginseng Root Extract that creates a protect layer to slow down the aging process, does not irritate the skin. It also prevent the attack of dirt, pollution, …

– And some other essences, vitamins, herbals….. make your eyelash more attractive and more beautiful.

All of these ingredients are specially formulated to help irritated eyelashes 2 times faster. Eyelashes not only grow longer, more, but also have a darker.

The serum looks like mascara. Before going to bed you just need to apply one layer to your eyelash . it have effective after only 1 week of use.

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