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Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer- The best eyelash nutrient solution in the market

In recent years, the products of the nourish eyelashes are always sought and preferred by women. If at first, it would be that the products come from nature, such as coconut oil, olive oil,… Recently, may cosmetic companies have launched many eyelash nutrient solutions. With the surprising effect, it has captured the trust of many women. And among them, Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer is highly loved and appreciated. So why is Feg Plus the best eyelash nutrient solution in the market?

Feg Plus – The best eyelash nutrient solution

1. What is the eyelash nutrient solution?

The eyelash nutrient solution is known as a serum. It has a slight liquid form and is composed of molecules of extremely small size. Therefore, the serum can penetrate deeper into the skin to give a better impact.

Feg Plus - The best eyelash nutrient solution

The eyelash nutrient solution also has a more privileged feature than other conventional materials. That is, it has been eliminated the thickening and moisture-locking substances. Therefore, the ratio of the nourishing essence of serum will be more dense, that is, only a few drops of serum are enough to nourish the whole hair follicle.

Feg Plus - The best eyelash nutrient solution

“Small but Martial”, it is the reason why serum nursing is causing fever in the beauty community. Which excels in a product used by customers; in favor of the name “Super Eyelashes Nutrition Solution”, it is the serum Feg Plus. It was to be a “king” of the serum nourish line. So, has the serum FEG PLUS been good?

2. About Feg Cosmetic

The first is about the origin. The Feg Plus has a rather impressive “appearance”. It is a product that is researched and produced by FEG COSMETICS – one of the world’s leading beauty brands in the care of eyelashes and hair lines…
Feg Plus - The best eyelash nutrient solution
The product is available on the market since 2013. Only after a short time, the excellent use of serum has caused great echo in the cosmetic industry. The long-lasting eyelashes FEG serum has become the fastest selling item in America. Therefore, it is one of the 6 best eyelash nutrient solutions in the world.

3. About Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer

The FEG PLUS is extracted from purely natural substances, which do not contain chemicals, do not irritate the users.
The essence of the product is researched and produced by modern biotechnology systems; that meet the standards in accordance with FDA of USA.
The ingredients in the serum Feg include purified water, sodium chloride, Benzalkonium chloride, Citric acid, Disodium phosphate, Cellulose gum,…

4. Ingredients

Feg Plus - The best eyelash nutrient solution

The Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer contains the active essence from the hair follicle that helps:
  • Eyelashes become longer, thicker
  • Restores the damaged eyelashes due to chemical influences coming from cosmetics.
  • Natural-curve eyelashes
  • Strong eyelashes from the root
  • Acts as a protective layer which prevents the attack of dirt, pollution,…

5. How to use Feg Plus effectively?

Not everyone knows how to use Feg Plus so effectively. In order to make the best use of products, you must know how to use Feg Plus, how to apply it, and how to preserve Feg Plus products.

So, if you want to have the perfect eyelashes after using Feg Plus, you should remember all these steps:

Step 1: Clean your eye makeup, especially around your eyelashes. You’d better use makeup remover and gently clean the eye area. Dry the eye area with a clean towel. Avoid a strong impact on the eyelashes, which will make the eyelashes weaker.

Step 2: Use the brush that comes with the product and take a sufficient amount of serum. Scan the serum into the root of the eyelashes. Apply to both the upper eyelashes and bottom eyelashes.

Step 3: Wait for 15-30 seconds for penetrating serum into the hair follicle and then makeup eyes as usual.


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