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How does Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer get FDA Approval ?

Top 6 best eyelash enhancing serum in the world, Feg Plus get FDA Approval used by millions of people. What is the secret of the FEG PLUS?

FDA Standards and the reasons why Feg Plus get FDA Approval and become one of the top 6 of the world’s best eyelash serum?

1. What is FDA standard ?

The FDA standards are strict regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to oversee the safety of products belonging to their management portfolio in the US market. Therefore, any exporters who would like to include their products in the United States must comply with FDA regulations and get the FDA Approval.

2. Why are the FDA standards trusted by consumers?

1.  Strict regulations for products.

Regulations on FDA standards are extremely strict. It helps people have safer and healthier food products, drinks. Besides, the FDA also protects products such as pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, electronic products,… Here are the standards for some FDA products.
Feg Plus get FDA Approval
FDA is a consumer health organization
a. Food and beverage:
  • Comply with FDA Regulations:
    • HACCP standards for seafood and fruit juices
    • Canned food with low acid content
    • Product labeling
  • Notices on food labels about the health or ingredients, uses
  • Assess GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) including product components and notices to the FDA
  • Advise about CGMP requirements
  • Assess the FDA regulations of Color Additives
  • Determine the permissible tolerances for insecticides
b. Functional foods, medicines and pharmaceutical functional foods
  • Compliance: Product Labeling Requirements
  • Safety: Detailed Components
  • Registering manufacture place and complying with the regulation of the cGMP
  • Information about structural and functional products. Send the notices to The FDA department.
c. Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical beauty products
  • Compliance: FDA Product Labeling Requirements
  • Safety: Component Reviews
d. Electron, electromagnetic, radioactive equipment
  • Develop FDA performance standards, testimonials and reports
  • Comply with FDA electronic product report; And get the FDA registration number.

2. Regulations on strict production facilities

In order to get FDA Approval in the United States, production facility must follow cGMP-current good manufacturing practice (current Good Manufacturing practice) regulations. cGMP is a manufacturing regulation under a general regulation that includes:
  • Technology
  • Production process
  • Manufacturing equipment and product standards must conform to industry standards
  • New inventions in technology and science right at the time of application

An example of product labelling regulations, the label will include details of each nutritional component in the product without instructions, or indications for use. Therefore, this will help users actively choose the type of product that suits their health more quickly and conveniently.

As a result, FDA standards make it easy for users to select products. Moreover, the FDA certificate will guarantee on the composition and absolute safety for the user. Products in the United States with FDA certification are highly appreciated in the world.

3. How can Feg Plus get FDA Approval ?

1. The manufacturing plant achieves cGMP-current Good Manufacturing Practice (current Good manufacturing practice).

For pharmaceutical and functional or cosmetic foods, consumers cannot fully identify whether a product is quality, safe or good for health. Therefore, the GMP standard will be a measure to help customers decide whether to buy the product.
Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer
A cGMP-standard plant, which means that the plant must ensure that the products of the enterprise are produced continuously and in accordance with quality standards. This will help to prevent the risk of side effects of products, poor quality products that are harmful to the user’s health, pollution from products…

2. Feg Plus gets FDA Approval that certificated to have a detailed safety profile

FEG PLUS is always advertised “extracted 100% natural ingredients” and this is completely true. The Feg Plus is composed of 6 components published and certified to meet FDA standards.
  • Pure water, an additional solution of an electrochemical supplement (Natri Chloride).
  • Bactericidal organic salt (Benzalkonium chloride) acts as a protective substance to prevent bacterial infection.
  • The organic Amino acids are extracted from antioxidant lemon juice, while providing vitamin C for eyelashes, stimulating growth.
  • Biotin: Natural nutrients that help nourish the eyelashes, stimulate long-lasting eyelash and reduce fallen breakage.
  • Panthenol helps to supplement and rejuvenate MI goods with proteins and essential vitamins to help healthy, long and more beautiful eyelashes.
  • Advanced polypeptides help to protect eyelashes effectively.

How to buy all combo of FEG Plus 

All these ingredients are produced in a special formula that makes the MI irritation 2 times faster. So eyelashes don’t only grow more, but also are darker.
Serum has the same form as mascara. Before you go to bed, you only need to scan a layer on the eyelash. Guaranteed 100% no lumps, no irritation. Works only after 1 week of use.

How to use Feg Plus Eyelash Enhancer effectively ?

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