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Unexpected Facts About The Product: Is FEG Plus Serum Really Work?

As you know, the name of serum FEG Plus vitalizer is storming in the beauty community, which is highly appreciated by women. Frequently out of stock because supply exceeds demand. So why is this product so appealing? Is FEG Plus serum really work?

Unexpected Facts About The Product: Is FEG Plus Serum Really Work?

The following sharing is based on practical experience after having used up 1 vial of FEG Plus serum.

About FEG Plus+:

FEG Plus Vitalizer Serum is a new eyelash maintenance product of the famous FEG brand in the US. Doubled the beneficial nutrients for eyelashes. Restoring and nourishing damaged eyelashes due to the influence of chemicals on cosmetics.
FEG Plus Vitalizer Serum
The serum is formulated to double the nutrients. It enhances the effect of nourishing the eyelashes from the deep inside. Help stimulate new eyelashes to grow and older eyelashes to grow longer. Besides, FEG Plus Vitalizer serum acts as a protective layer for hair follicles, helping to prevent dirt and breakage.
The effect is enhanced 4 times
If you require a natural and healthy product, FEG Plus Vitalizer serum will be a perfect choice.
Does FEG Plus Serum really work?
Designed like mascara, the FEG Plus serum is quite easy to use. Virtually no fragrance and does not cause eye irritation when used. After a week of use, the eyes begin to itch because the eyelashes begin to grow. About 2 weeks later, the eyelashes were significantly longer and thicker. After using up the FEG Plus bottle, the eyelashes are much longer. At the same time, the phenomenon of eyelash loss has disappeared.
Before and after use
  • Easy to use. The tips are softly designed. Easily sweeps onto lashes. It does not cause stinging.
  • Remarkably effective only after a short time of use
  • Lashes grow much longer and thicker than your head
  • Effective fracture prevention

Why are many women using FEG Plus eyelashes?

FEG Pro is the darling of the famous FEG cosmetic brand in the US. Since its launch until now, FEG Pro serum has always been at the top of the best-selling products in European countries like the US, UK, France, …
All FEG products are among the best-seller. Every ingredient in serum comes from nature. Certified by the US Food and Drug Administration. Bringing benign and soothing characteristics. Safe for all skin types including even the most sensitive skin. 
Safety certification of FDA
More specifically, after stopping use, there is no loss of eyelashes or returning to the original state like other eyelash maintenance products.

Instructions for using FEG Plus eyelash serum

To be able to maximize the effectiveness of the product, you should follow the manufacturer’s manual
First, you need to wash your face thoroughly and dry before using the product
Next, use a brush to apply FEG Plus serum to the eyelashes. For both upper and lower lashes.
Note: Use daily for the best effect
Use 1 time in the morning before makeup and 1 time in the evening before bed.

Addresses selling genuine FEG Pro serum

FEG Pro fake eyelash serum is currently sold on the market. These products contain many toxic chemicals to save production costs. When used will cause unpredictable consequences affecting the body. Therefore, you should choose a reputable genuine FEG serum address to avoid money loss.
FEG Eyelash is proud to be the reputable distributor of FEG eyelash serum. All items here are imported directly from the US and have all the papers. Guaranteed refund if found counterfeit.
OVERVIEW: The following are all of the questions that people have to ask about whether FEG Plus Serum really work. Hopefully, after this article, you will have more confidence in the product and its use. I wish you always beautiful.

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