“How to make the lashes longer than with food?” This question will be answered in this article. Following, we provide kinds of profitable food completely for a perfect eyelash By adding this food in your daily meal scientifically, you don’t need to worry about the beauty of lashes.


1. Salmon

Salmon is known to be a completely beneficial food for human health. In salmon contains a variety of nutrients that are good for cardiovascular, the brain. Also salmon can protect the eye, skeletal system and effective weight control.

Salmo contains a lot of substance good for both of lashes and health

Essential Omega 3 fatty acids in salmon help promote the health of the lash follicles. Salmon is rich in protein and fish oil – these are widely known elements with a healthy eyelash function. High levels of vitamin D, vitamin B and other minerals also promote the development of eyelashes, Salmon is the best choice for a perfect eyelash

2. Egg 

Eggs contain a lot of proteins and other nutrients cause the eyelashes to become thicker and longer. Biotin, which is considered the elixir for the perfect pair of beautiful lashes. Especially both yolk and whites can nourish eyelashes effectively.
Both of yolk and whites can make lash became longer and thicker
In addition to the main cooking, eggs can be combined with natural oils that have the use of eyelashes and apply directly to the eyelashes. However, if the egg supplement should be eaten scientifically, the eggs contain more cholesterol.

3. Dried nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashew nuts…

Most of dried nuts contain omega – 3, A pair of incredibly beneficial fatty acids with vision as well as a long lasting and thicker eyelash. In addition, these particles contain a lot of vitamin E, is extremely good for eyelashes.
Most of dried nuts contain omega – 3 for long lasting and thicker eyelash.
Besides, dried nuts contain an ingredient called L-arginine. This substance helps to create proteins in the body. Absolutely, Protein plays a crucial role throughout the development of eyelashes.

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4. Seafood

Seafood is a type of food that you cannot skip to have the perfect lashes. It contains a lot of Calcium and iron, both substances play an extremely important role in the development of eyelashes.
Seafood contains lots of Calcium and iron and good for lashes
In addition, in seafood also contains many substances called Selenium, a female hormone stimulant, which has an increase lengthen of eyelashes effected. However, if you do not want to suffer weight gain, fat belly should use this food according to the fixed menu, do not abuse!

5. Vegetables & Fruit

The vegetables and the fruit contain a lot of nutrients that help your body be naturally beautiful. Especially in carrots and spinach contains a lot of Biotin, which helps lashes grow faster. In addition, Lettuce Fish contains many zinc, iron and omega-3 These substances work to help recover the eyelashes and blood tonic for the body. 

The vitamins of vegetables and fruits help you have beautiful skin and a pair of perfect mi from inside

When bringing many vegetables and fruits into your diet. This will help you to solve many health problems. Improves skin beauty and lots of other benefits for your body.

6. Milk

Fresh milk is rich in proteins and various vitamins, each with the effect of helping the eyelashes become longer and thicker. Drinking milk every day helps increase the body’s resistance. At the same time, you can also apply the milk directly on the eyelashes. This helps lashes to absorb better nutrients.
You can apply milk on your eyelash directly for perfect eyelash
You can apply milk on your eyelash directly for the perfect beauty eyelash
You should reasonably allocate these types of foods to have a balanced daily meal. You can also use other foods of similar effectiveness, but these are the most recommended types

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