Eyelashes are a special form of cilia on the body. It is very soft and sensitive. Therefore, when eyelashes have fallen it will be difficult to regrow. or it will grow very slowly. Usually people with long and thick eyelashes are congenital. People who have short eyelashes often use fake eyelashes, brushing mascara. However, this way is only temporary, quite complicated. Not everyone is clever enough to do it. Do not worry, reading the article to choose one four eyelash growth formulas in a month.


1. Virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is often known as a great beauty product. It works to whiten skin, prevent and treat acne effectively. In addition, it also helps to grow long and thick eyelashes safely.In pure coconut oil is rich in vitamins A and C – 2. These two vitamins are quite good to help eyelashes, hair grow longer and thicker. Besides is a fatty acid called tri-glycerides, it helps your eyelash more stronger.

eyelash growth formulas
Virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil usage is very simple. Every night before going to bed, you use a cotton swab dipped in coconut oil. Then you brush on the eyelashes the way you use mascara. Do it for both the upper and lower lashes. Should be done regularly and persevere, you will see a clear effect.

Grow eyelash with homemade eyelash serum

2. Make long and thick eyelashes with fresh milk

Fresh milk is rich in protein and vitamins. Therefore it is considered as one of the cheap natural materials that helps stimulate eyelashes growth.

How to take care of eyelashes with fresh milk: Prepare some fresh milk and a cotton swab. Dip a cotton swab in a bowl of milk, and then comb onto the lashes.

Fresh milk
One of four eyelash growth formulas

Note: Do it every day before going to bed. Remember to wash your eyelashes the next morning

3. Diet helps healthy eyelashes

A diet full of nutrients is good for health. In addition it also nourishes a long and curled lashes. Please note the following 3 important components:

Biotin: It is a vitamin B that helps your lashes grow extremely fast! Take biotin supplements every day to see the difference right away. Foods rich in biotin: egg yolks, soy, bananas, animal liver, mushrooms, tuna …

Protein: Protein actually makes your eyelashes and hair look better. Foods rich in protein such as eggs, seafood, bananas, …

Antioxidant: it is very important for hair growth. It helps restore and prevent damaged eyelashes. Foods rich in antioxidant: citrus, avocado and leafy greens…

Heathy foods
Diet helps healthy eyelashes

4. FEG Plus – one of four eyelash growth formulas

FEG Plus is a product of FEG cosmetics which is a reputable and quality cosmetic brand in the market.

This product works by the day you use it.

  • Nourishes eyelashes from deep within
  •  Help accelerate the process of nutrient circulation to the eyelash follicles.
  •  Recover damaged eyelashes
  •  Create a layer of eyelash protection from harmful agents.
FEG Plus
FEG Plus – one of four eyelash growth formulas

User manual

  •  Wash and dry the eyes area before going to sleep
  •  Apply like normal mascara
  •  Wait for about 1-2 minutes to dry completely

If you are looking for a serum for your eyelash,FEG Plus is a perfect choice.


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