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Eyelash growth tip : Using gac oil for nursing your eyelash

1. Gac oil – A special material for nursing eyelash

Gac oil for nursing eyelash
Gac oil for nursing eyelash

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It is known to be a very effective ingredient in beauty and health care. Made from Gac fruit, it is a safe and economical beauty ingredient that everyone knows about.

Not only effective for acne, hair growth, skin beauty, … Gac oil is also an effective remedy to nourish healthy eyelashes. It contains a large amount of vitamin E, which brings a miraculous effect in nursing eyelash.

2. Make your own homemade Gac nourishing paste at home


Mix gac oil with other ingredients
Mix gac oil with other ingredients


a. Mixture of gac oil and coconut oil

Gac oil and coconut oil are two extremely effective ingredients appearing mostly in homemade eyelash serum. Coconut oil contains many nutrients that support eyelash to grow thicker and healthier. Therefore, the mixture of these 2 ingredients is an undeniable choice for women who want to grow eyelash longer.

How to make :

 1- Prepare pure Gac oil and coconut oil, small bowls and cotton swab to apply

 2- Mix them in a ratio of 1: 1, then mix well

 3- Use a cotton swab to apply the appropriate amount on your eyelashes

 4- Leave the serum overnight and rinse with warm water the next morning

b. Gac oil and aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is packed with nutrients to make strong lashes from the inside out. Gac oil and aloe vera gel will help transform the thin lashes into strong, thick lashes.

How to make :

 1- Prepare 1 leaf aloe vera, Gac oil, blender, cotton swab and small bowl

 2- Preliminary preparation aloe vera and pureed in a blender

 3- Mix gac oil and aloe vera into a bowl

 4- Apply the serum on your eyelashes

 5-  Leave it overnight and wash with warm water the next morning

c. Pure gac oil

If you do not have time to prepare ingredients as we have mentioned above, you can also just use Gac oil for daily maintenance. Applying only pure gac oil also greatly supports your weak lashes. Then rinse with warm water the next morning. Use regularly to see a clear effect after a few weeks.


-Make sure you remove your makeup thoroughly before applying the serum

-Apply only enough mixture to avoid falling into eyes

-Pay attention to choose exactly clean and pure ingredients

-Wash the mixture thoroughly on the eyelashes the next morning, avoiding inflammation to the skin

-Use regularly to see a clear effect after a few weeks of eyelash maintenance.


These DIY gac oil recipes are a great way to nourish your lashes and help it grow. However, there is no scientific research behind these remedies. They can take as long as 6-8 weeks before you see the result. Why don’t you try our new product – FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer? Our eyelash serum is the result of 10-year research combining natural ingredients with science.

To ensure the best result with no negative effect for our customers, we use all the ingredients came from nature. As an award for our efforts, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally decided to give us a certificate to ensure that our products are totally safe and effective. 

The innovation duo for your eyelashes.

A perfect combination of all the natural ingredients can strengthen and promote the new eyelash growth. Therefore, you can easily see the changes of your lashes for just only 7 days of use.

Long and thick eyelashes can make your eyes become more attractive.

You can also use serum to nurse your eyelash even more effective.

Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer
Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer

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