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Great way to long and charming eyelashes

Whether you own big eyes, pigeon eyes or single eyelids. Long, thick eyelashes will captivate those who look into those eyes and make irresistible glamor for women. Eyelashes are the border around the eyes, which helps the eyes become more beautiful and attractive. But for girls with short lashes, what to do to improve this situation quickly?

Great way to long and charming eyelashes

Understand more about eyelashes for good care.

Great way to long and charming eyelashes
Perfect if you understand it.

Have we ever wondered, eyelashes naturally grow but some people have long eyelashes, but some are short. Is all of the long, thin eyelashes due to genes or a person’s genetic basis, or depends on how we care? Genetic factors of each person is also one of the factors that determine whether your eyelashes are thick or thin. In a family with parents, relatives with eyes with long, thick, then most of you will inherit that beauty.

However, eyelash experts like each person’s hair, will be long and short, always grow, age and break down,… usually the eyelash life cycle is about 90 days and then goes through the process natural aging. But if you abuse too much makeup for the eyes, the impact will cause eyelashes to quickly break, fall out. 

With a relatively short life cycle. The eyelash growth rate is not as clear as the hair, so it is difficult for us to notice the natural extension of eyelashes. Therefore, many women look to makeup methods to satisfy their dream of having long, curvy, thick. Like curling eyelash curlers, mascara helps thick, dark lashes and lash extensions to achieve the desired length.

However, all these ways are temporary solutions. If you do not done well, it can make your eyes look fake, not real. Even this is the culprit that makes the delicate eyelashes of we become more prone to breakage. The eyelids are easily inflamed due to chemical substances

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FEG EYELASH – Professional eyelash care product line.

Great way to long and charming eyelashes
Super products FEG help bring perfection.

All women, devotees of long, curved, thick lashes still hand-carry natural effective eyelash treatments such as coconut oil, olive oil, matcha green tea, fresh milk,… However, not all women are patient enough to implement these natural solutions, and expect perfect results as expected. Moreover, nourishing your eyelashes also requires comprehensive care. Because it also need to be cleaned and taken care of regularly due to dirt from accumulated dust.

To satisfy the desire to achieve the dual effect of caring and stimulating to make long and thick, you should refer to FEG eyelash serum. Besides the effect of bringing long eyelashes, thick and curved formidable, FEG Eyelash Enhancer transmits natural nutrients help you with a strong lashes, minimizing the risk of breakage. Above all, effectiveness of serum FEG brought within 7 days of use will make you surprised. Used as a makeup product for eyelashes, there are nutrients that help stimulate long eyelashes naturally. Especially safe for sensitive skin in the eye area, suitable for people who are prone to allergies, who have sensitive skin.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has certified the FEG PLUS eyelash serum to be safe. Moreover, it is also suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive skin. Therefore, FEG PLUS is concerned to be one of the natural tips to make long eyelash.

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