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How To Growth Eyelash Using Vaseline?

Vaseline is a moisturizing and nourishing wax brand, providing excellent moisture for dry, brittle lashes. And this is one of the natural eyelash growth methods that women would love to use. In addition to nourishing dry skin and hair, Vaseline also makes eyelashes grow longer, thicker and healthier. In addition, the moisturizing properties of Vaseline help smooth the skin around the eyelids. Here, let’s find out how to growth eyelash using vaseline.

How To Growth Eyelash Using Vaseline?

Great use of vaseline

  • Lip balm: This is the most prominent use of this wax jar. It helps to prevent lips from dryness, especially when the climate is dry. Not only does it soften the lips, it also gently exfoliates the skin to avoid damage to the lips. Lightening lip color helps make lipstick more accurate and standard. With components contain mineral oil, petroleum jelly will be used to moisturize the lips. And help prevent lips from cracking or peeling discomfort.
  • Vaseline moisturizes the skin: Thanks to the waxy texture of cream with mineral oil, vaseline jar has good moisturizing ability. It can thoroughly overcome dry, flaky skin. Is an indispensable beauty weapon of women every winter.
  • Effective hair treatment: With dry, lifeless hair, you just need to apply vaseline to your hair when it’s dry after shampooing. Or you can apply it to your hair 30 minutes before shampooing and then wash as usual. If you persevere, you will notice the results and your hair will improve significantly.
  • Exfoliating: In addition to moisturizing the skin, Vaseline has the ability to effectively exfoliate. Mix vaseline and salt into a small bowl in a 1: 1 ratio. Daily after cleansing your skin clean with warm water, use the mixture on a gentle massage.
  • Helps to preserve the fragrance of perfumes: This little-known secret is a great use of Vaseline. Rub a little vaseline on your wrist or neck before spraying perfume. This will make your perfume smell is kept longer.
 Growth Eyelash Using Vaseline
Great use of vaseline


Growth Eyelash Using Vaseline

Besides the amazing uses mentioned above, Vaseline also has a little-known use as eyelash growth. In addition to essential oils like coconut oil, olive oil, Vaseline can be consider a “panacea” to help eyelashes grow faster. There are many ways to use eyelash vaseline. But the best way to condition eyelashes with Vaseline is to use a Mascara brush. Here are the steps for Growth Eyelash Using Vaseline with mascara:

 Growth Eyelash Using Vaseline
Growth Eyelash Using Vaseline

1. Cleansing

Wipe off the make-up on eyes and eyelashes. This step helps moisturizing wax maximize effect.

2. Mix Vaseline

Rub the tip of the wax evenly with your fingertips to warm up and make the wax easier to apply.

3. Dip the brush into Vaseline

You should dip a lot of Vaseline on the brush. Because vaseline will usually clump in the front of the brush. So you can use a wet tissue to spread the wax evenly.

4. Sharpen eyelashes

Similar to Mascara, you will first apply Vaseline to the eyelashes of both eyes and right. But make sure not to get in the eyes. If desired, apply some Vaseline to the eyelids for smoother skin. Sensitive skin may develop an allergic eye reaction. Therefore, you need to examine the skin of the back of your hand before applying it to your eyelids.

5. Rinse Vaseline in the morning

After waking up, wash Vaseline in your eyes. If Vaseline is too sticky and difficult to wash, you can use a cleanser. Vaseline contains oil, so using water may not be enough to rinse. Finally, you can apply makeup on your eyelashes as usual. Consistently apply this balm and you will see results after only 3 days.

4 Ways To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally Faster

Some advice when using vaseline: 

– You can use your fingers to lash your lashes, but only if your hands are clean. Otherwise, there is a risk of oil and bacteria from entering the eye.

– Vaseline getting into the eyes or tear glands can cause bacteria to enter the eye, causing discomfort, blurred vision or even eye infections.

– Beware of skin reactions. Some cases may be allergic to Vaseline. So, you need to apply a little to the back of your hand to check.

Although using vaseline is great for growing eyelashes. But besides that, it’s still annoying to the eye of the user. Therefore, if you want a naturally-grown lashes without eye irritation, the FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer serum is the perfect choice. A combination of natural and other ingredients can strengthen your lashes, promoting new eyelash growth. You can see the difference in your lashes after 7-14 days of using this product. 

 Growth Eyelash Using Vaseline
FEG Plus Eyelash Vitalizer serum

OVERALL: Above are a few ways to use and also as way to grow eyelashes using Vaseline. Please consider and use it effectively. I wish you always beautiful!

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