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How Many Times A Day Should We Use Eyelash Serum To Get The Best Result?

Eyelash Serum is getting more and more familiar to those who get addict to the beauty world. However, do you actually understand all about it, as well as how it really work? The question asked the most is: How many times a day should we use eyelash serum to get the best result?

How Many Times A Day Should We Use Eyelash Serum To Get The Best Result?

It depends on the ingredients and uses of each serum types which have different use times.

Ingredients in eyelash serum

Lashes Serum is getting closer to beauty industry

The ingredient of serum for eyelash which is mostly from natural extracts, has a mild liquid form. It is made up of very small molecules; and it is extremely fast permeate into lash follicles.

Moreover, there are some types of serums that are gelatinous. These are recommended to be used only once a day to avoid creating a feeling of heavy eyelashes.


Lashes serum contains all the necessary nutrients for the growth of the lash. It helps stimulate longer and thicker lashes. This is also the main use that all lashes care products aim to.

Lashes Serum pushes lashes so much longer

Some other types, however, also aim to add more purposes in the maintenance of eyelashes. It is damage recovery and eyelash protection. Therefore, these types will require more daily use. To ensure the effectiveness of the product is maximized promotion.

Eyelash Serum DIY Aloe Vera Recipe

How many times a day should we use to own perfect eyelashes?

As noted above, depending on the ingredients and use, lashes serums will have different uses. However, using eyelash medication twice a day will be the perfect choice for everyone for the following reasons:

Using eyelash serum is the best method that helps you get the best result

Firstly, apply serum 1 time in the morning before applying makeup to create a perfect lash protection. It avoids direct influences from cosmetics or dirt.

Secondly, using long lashes serum at night before going to bed will help maximize the use of the product. This is the time when your cells are most relaxed during the day. It helps the serum to penetrate deeper into the dermis under the skin. Thereby it nourishes longer and thicker lashes.

Last but not least, the use as above helps you save a lot of costs. Using serum without any knowledge will not help to be more effective. On the contrary, it will end the serum faster and you will have to spend more money to buy new product. So using 2 times a day is the best option as well as the cost which is suitable to you.

Which is the best serum for eyelash on the market?

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FEG Eyelash Serum is mainly used for stimulating longer and thicker eyelashes. In addition, FEG eyelash serum helps recreate damaged eyelashes due to the effects of chemicals in mascara, cosmetics, … Moreover, it also prevents lashes from the dirt and bacteria.

FEG Plus Eyelash Serum – The latest product of FEG Cosmetics

It’s really easy to use. You just need to apply a serum to the eyelashes in the morning before applying makeup and before bed. Regularly daily, only a few days later. The charming long thick lashes will be yours.

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