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How to take care of the eyelash health after extensions

Eyelash extensions help you have a perfect eyelash. But, it also damages your eyelash health. It makes your lashes weaker and easier to fall out. Therefore, you have know hot to care for the eyelash health after extensions.


1. About the eyelash extensions

a. What is the eyelash extension?

The most important part that makes the eyes instantly rounded, youthful, and soulful is the two rows of eyelash. Possessing thick, long, black and light eyelashes with natural slight curvature is always the dream of all the girls.


Therefore, you are looking for eyelash extensions and it has a very natural look. Not to mention the care is very time consuming and costly. On average, about 1 to 2 weeks you have to come back to the store to check the eyelash again.

Because your eyelashes will fall, you describe your place in a thick place if you do not care thoroughly. The most dangerous is with twin connectors, you will not be able to clean the eyes and wash the face clean and normally be. This hides a lot of danger to the eye. Therefore, you have to take care of your eyelash health after extensions.

b. The result of the eyelash extensions

Besides, because the fake eyelash is attached to the real lashes so just have the effect from the outside as the eye; wash the face is easy to fall both real as well as fake eyelash, many cases of all the eyelashes, it looks very offensive. For those who have a muscle or allergies, according to the doctors it is best not to do this service.
With the cases of an allergen caught in the eye, it will cause edema; if mild, it can be cured with drugs; If severe, the white heart will swell, called the conjunctiva edema. So the patient needs to go to the hospital, see a specialist for monitoring and treating.
One advice for those who intend to beautify the method of eyelashes is not to be just because of the beauty that causes the risk of infection. Because it can lead to bad consequences that, when they are trapped; we will have to regret it because it is not properly beautify. Therefore, all you need is a product that can improve the eyelash health after extensions. That is the reason why  FEG PLUS was born.

2. About Feg Plus Eyelash Vitalizer

With many safe eyelashes’ brands nowadays, Eyelashes nursing stands out for its outstanding performance with eyelashes. As a result, for many girls, there is no time to nurse lashes in the above ways, the serum FEG is a perfect choice.
FEG PLUS is one of the 6 best products to help nourish healthy items naturally. Furthermore, this product is a full combination of nourishing nutrients, strong stem cell stimulation. Since then, it brings out the superior effect of improving the sparse lashes to become more attractive.
Product uses:
  • Restore damaged eyelashes, prevent breakage
  • Nourish long curled eyelashes effectively
  • Protect eyelashes from dirt and UV rays
  • Help extend the life of eyelashes
  • Nurse eyelashes from the inside
Especially: With rows of damage caused by eyelashes, FEG PLUS will help to recover it efficiently. Concentrated nutrients, easily penetrates into each hair follicle. In addition, the brush structure also makes the nutrients easier to get into contact with the pores. From there, the eyelashes are nourish deeply, firmly from the inside. Also, you will minimize the breakage and damage. Therefore, the eyelash health after extensions will be improved well and fast.
In addition, the product protects the eyelashes from the adverse effects from the environment. This helps to make the eyelashes healthier.

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