Introduction of FEG Cosmetic Brand

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1. INTRODUCTION OF FEG COSMETIC Introduction of FEG Cosmetic Brand

FEG COSMETIC was established in 2007, is a care brand to foster world famous eyelash and hair. With a team of leading experts, all products of FEG COSMETIC are produced from advanced biotechnology. It meets the SGS standard of Swiss test. Therefore, FEG COSMETIC is full of outstanding nutrients and safe for skin.

The main office of FEG Cosmetic.
The main office of FEG Cosmetic.

In addition, FEG COSMETIC is also known by the modern closed-loop manufacturing. It brings the best quality products before launched on the market.

All products of FEG COSMETIC are overcome strictly product tests that carried out by an excellent expert team in US.



  • FEG Eyelash – The first generation of nursing eyelashes serum FEG 

The first FEG Cosmetic product line, which was first launched in 2017. It has received a lot of compliments from the beauty community. This is the first product line of nourishing eyelashes serum FEG. 

This product line is highly evaluated from beauty communication in the first release
This product line is highly evaluated from beauty communication in the first release

FEG Eyelash is famous for its nursing long eyelashes serum thanks to its natural and safe skin ingredients. Above all, It provides good results in improving short and thin lashes.

  • FEG Plus – The new generation of nursing eyelash serum 

Understanding the desire to take care of women’s comprehensive eyelashes, FEG COSMETIC has launched FEG Plus – an innovated version

With the success of the formula of the FEG Eyelash serum – the previous version, FEG Plus is the perfect combination of traditional formula and nutritional research innovation

This combination that has brought an intensive nursing eyelash effect after 5 days. Especially, it create the power to nourish eyelashes comprehensively and contributing to opening a revolutionary for the beauty of the eyelashes.


FEG COSMETIC has the desire to bring effective and safe care solutions to customers. Therefore, FEG COSMETIC constantly strives to improve the quality of products and services and absolute satisfaction for partners and customers.


FEG COSMETIC team wants to be an accompanying friend in the process of nursing women’s eyelashes. Moreover, we are gradually making efforts to become a distributor of top beauty products. We aim to put our customers benefit first. And our customers’ satisfaction is the precious pleasure and motivation of FEG Cosmetic.

Finally, FEG COSMETIC is willing to give good opportunities and benefits for our business partners.


Summary, FEG COSMETIC would like to express our sincere gratitude to my customers. Because you trust in using our product and accompanying us during the previous time. With the motto “Our desire is the highest satisfaction of customers”,  every feedback and contribution of our customers is our precious asset. Finally, we want to bring high quality products to response to your love and trust.

Wishing you all the successes!

Wishing all FEG COSMETIC customers are more beautiful, having more happiness in life!

Introduction of FEG Cosmetic Brand