The reason why in this paragraph i would like to share you some secrects of lavender oil eyelash growth .Everygirl in the world all have something that they can’t leave the house without.For me those are cell phone. lipstick , credit card… ,obiviously my mascara and lavender oil.So why lavender oil is so special? In fact, you couldn’t  make eyelashes grow fuller and longer with just only mascara.Please don’t hesitate to read it immediately if you don’t want to miss a interesting tips to make up.


1.What does lavender oil made from

Lavender oil is made by distillation from the flower spikes of certain speicies of lavender.There are two forms of lavender oil,  the lavender flower oil , colorless, insoluble in water and another is lavender spike oil, a distillate from the herb. In 2011 most of the lavender oil in the world are made from Bulgaria.

Beside that , lavender oil will bring amount of certain  benefit you better know about.

  • Improve your sleep smoother: by adding a few drops of lavender oil to a diffuser in your room can help you feel relax and improve your overall sleep.
  • Nourish skin: lavender is packed with antioxidants that protect your nourish kin
  • Ease headaches: following recent scientific research that inhaling lavender scent or massage the oil into the forehead,neck can treat headaches
lavender oil eyelash growth
Lavender oil


Nowsaday, lavender oil is usually use as a perfume, for aromatherapy, stimulate hair growth.But following the international experts in health&beautiful care service, we can make lavender oil eyelash growth.

2.How to make lavender oil eyelash growth perfectly.

  • Step 1 wash your face carefully before start making up
  • Step 2 add 3-4 drops lavender oil to your mascara tube
  • Step 3 use the stick in mascara to apply it along the eyelashes roots down to the top.
  • Step 4 wait a minute to see the difference on your eyes
lavender oil eyelash growth
Lavender oil for eyelash growth


3.Lavender oil mix with coconut oil

Coconut oil is also an essential oil with the benefit similar to lavender oil.It’s usually made from copra, dried coconut kernel which is pressed in a heated hydraulic press to extract the oil.For more details it can spread the process smoke drying, sun drying ,kiln drying or detivatives. In 1 coconut oil tablespoon contain 12 grams of saturated fat and 5 grams of unsaturated fat, vitamin E, and another mineral is iron.

lavender oil eyelash growth
Coconut oil

This is a good idea because you can double your benefit from these essential oils.The feature of coconut oil is rich nutrient, plus more antibacterial. It’s another choice for daily making up or just new style to try.


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4.One more effective choice to grow your eyelashes perfectly.

Let’s take a look at this masterpiece, it’s name FEG Plus eyelash serum.This serum contain a lots of nutrition and vitamins from a number of rare herbs.It is structured from super small molecules, which increases osmotic effect to every cells rapidly and more deeply.How about it’s function and why you have to buy it imediately!

  •  Motivating your eyelashes grow to 7-9mm after only 5 days’ usage of the product.
  • Fading bruises around your eyelid fastly
  • Nourishing damaged eyelashes efficiently


lavender oil eyelash growth
FEG Plus eyelash serum

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In addition, following these 3 main ingredients will increase the effection on your eyelashes .

  • Axit hyaluronic: it makes an maximum condition that helps to increase an effect of molecules and vitamin osmose
  • Swertia: extracted from phenoxyehanol in swertica japonca that helps to absorb nutrients to lash root directly and recover damage hair follicle
  • Panax ginseng root extract: pana ginseng have an antioxidant ability, slows down the aging process and enhances collagen to nourish eyelashes intensively

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