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Alissa Chow

Be deserved to buy this product, I’m really satisfied with a positive result of FEG Plus

Katniss Krumvik Deuer

My eyelashes used to fall out so much during my stressful period. I thought that there is no way to restore my eyelashes like before. But I found FEG Plus. And now this product improves my eyelashes so much.

Lauren Snow Johnson

This product helps my eyelashes longer, fuller and thicker. Now, I don’t need to make up my eyes carefully before going out. 

Michelle Clement 

I used FEG Plus more than 2 months and serum FEG is still not over. FEG effect is actually the same to its slogan “More effective, more money-saving”

Sara Sweeten Granger

Using about 2 months, my lashes are longer and thicker. I am very satisfied with its result. In previous days, many types of serum I selected do not work, I feel tired during a long time. Thank FEG Plus so much. 

Jennifer Huston 

A positive change of FEG Plus is so great and I don’t think that I could find such an amazing product like FEG Plus.

Emma Everdeen Pátos 

Very good