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Surprising Facts About The Eyelash Hair Growth Cycle That You Never Knew

  Have you ever wondered why your eyelashes fall out constantly? Perhaps everyone thought they had a new disease so they lost their eyelashes. But the truth is not so. It is just an eyelash growth cycle. This article will give you a better idea about the eyelash hair growth cycle that you never knew. And there will be very interesting things about the eyelashes that you do not know. Ok, let’s get started.

Surprising Facts About The Eyelash Hair Growth Cycle That You Never Knew

Eyelash loss may grow again?

Eyelash loss may grow again?

The eyelash hair growth cycle is similar to the hair growth cycle. Eyelash loss occurs in everyone because it is a natural process of the body. On average, each person will lose about 1 to 5 eyelashes per day. They will be replaced by new eyelashes that have begun to grow in that position before the old eyelashes fall off.

The eyelash hair growth cycle for each person will be different but it consists of 3 stages.

  • Growth phase (anagen): this is the period of growing eyelashes (they only grow to a certain length), lasting from 30-45 days. If these lashes fall off, they won’t regrow immediately.
  • A transition period (catagen): lasts about 14 – 21 days. When the eyelashes reach the required length, they stop growing, the hair follicles begin to shrink. If the eyelashes at this stage fall out, they will not regrow immediately.
  • The resting period (telogen): the lashes are fully developed and ready for replacement. New eyelashes will also begin to grow in that position and repeat the cycle. This phase can last more than 100 days after eyelashes fall you will need to wait about 4 to 8 weeks for new layers to grow and replace.

Eyelash Growth Cycle Time – 3 Things You Didn’t know

the eyelash hair growth cycle

It takes a long time for an eyelash to regrow as it initially takes, about 2-3 weeks. In the case of pores are not blocked by dirt, mascara or affected by cosmetics. In case the hair is affected, you need to restore the hair before growing eyelashes. Therefore, you should not worry because your eyelashes fall out without even regrow.

How to take care of your lashes in a growth cycle?

For charming long lashes, the care of eyelashes is never redundant and it is extremely important. Here are some tips on how to take care of your eyelashes to help you look more attractive and beautiful:

– First, limit the use of mascara, especially waterproof. Despite its long-lasting advantages, it is a direct agent of eyelash alopecia.

– When the eyes are itchy, irritation should avoid rubbing the eyes. Because not only causes eyelash loss but also corneal damage.

take care of your lashes

– Stop using fake eyelashes because eyelash glue is pretty solid and very difficult to remove. It causes your natural eyelashes to fall off, many times like lashes will “empty garden”. Or if it didn’t fall out right away, then it would also have been damaged, weak and more likely to break.

– The daily diet also significantly affects eyelashes. If you eat too few foods that contain calories or do not have enough protein, your eyelashes will get weaker. So eat foods like potatoes, almonds, vitamin E, especially drink plenty of water to own a thick, curved and long lashes.

– Using coconut oil/olive oil every night also stimulates eyelashes to regrow faster than usual. In addition, you can use the help of products to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. It helps follicle growth, restoring weak eyelashes. 

While these methods may assist the lashes in the eyelash hair growth cycle, it will take a long time to work. As a result, more and more people are looking for products that lengthen eyelashes from nature for a quick effect. One of those products, FEGPLUS is a perfect choice. As one of the brands from the United States, FEGPLUS makes eyelashes longer and thicker, stimulates faster growth and nourishes and protects eyelashes.

Serum FEGPlus

salient features:

  • Boosting eyelashes growth to 7-9mm after only 5 days
  • Fortifying and protecting lashes from root to top
  • Fading bruises around your eyelid
  • Nourishing damaged eyelashes efficiently
  • Biotin supply for extremely thick young lashes
  • Prolong the eyelash growth cycle time


OVERALL: Above is all the information about the eyelash hair growth cycle. I hope you have an overview of your lashes and know how to take care of it.

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