Everyone wants a long and thick eyelashes. However, many people believe that the length of eyelashes is genetic. In fact, certain nutrients may support eyelashes growth. These are exactly the vitamins – Eyelashes growth vitamins. Following article will help you explore the role of vitamins in eyelash growth. 


1.Vitamin B-3 to take care of eyelashes

B – 3, also known as niacin. This vitamin is good for your health and skin care. Besides, it is great for your lashes.

  • Stimulates eyelash growth, eliminates dry and brittle eyelashes
  • Improve blood circulation to your hair follicles. Therefore, it helps regenerate cells, prevents eyelashes from falling out
  • Helps the body metabolize keratin. This is a protein which supports hair growth
take care your eyelashes by B3
Vitamin B-3 to take care of eyelashes

Foods high in vitamin B-3: Beef liver, salmon, tilapia, tuna, sunflower seeds, peanuts, mushrooms and asparagus,…

Eyelash growth tip : Using gac oil for nursing your eyelash

2. Vitamin C – Eyelash growth vitamins

That vitamin has many positive effects on your eyelashes:

Vitamic C - good for your lashes
Vitamin C – Eyelash growth vitamins
  • Make your eyelashes grow better and help boost the immune system
  • Protect eyelashes from infections, toxins and other diseases can inhibit the growth of eyelashes during the healing process
  • Reduce folliculitis, restore hair follicle damage
  • Supports collagen production and reduces the risk of eyelash breakage

Foods high in vitamin C: Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pineapples, oranges, tomatoes, grapefruit, kale and strawberries…

3. Vitamin E

There are effective vitamin E for your lashes:

  • It transports blood and antioxidants. Therefore, It improves immune system function to protect hair follicles
  • Oxidizes your hair follicles, reduces follicle inflammation.
  • Encourages hair growth, removes dry
  • Help cell regeneration and reduces the risk of eyelash breakage

Foods high in vitamin C: Sunflower seeds, peanut butter and avocado.

4. Vitamin H

That vitamin also known as biotin.

It stimulates the growth of eyelashes. So it increases blood flow to your hair follicles thickens your lashes, prevents your lashes from drying and falling off. Besides, that vitamin improves eye and eyelash conditions. It helps muscles absorb nutrients, fats, amino acids and carbohydrates, necessary to stimulate and maintain healthy eyelashes, according.

Foods rich in vitamin H: Soy, bananas, mushrooms, sardines, eggs, walnuts, beans, black beans and nut butters….

5. Calcium – Growing eyelash

It is a mineral that enhances the growth of eyelashes. It makes eyelashes longer. Besides, it prevents hair loss and reduces the risk of hair loss which caused by the thyroid gland. This condition occurs when the thyroid gland no longer produces enough hormones to regulate blood flow and calcium metabolism in the body.

Calcium to growth your lashes
Calcium – eyelash growth vitamins

Foods high in calcium: Yogurt, cheese, milk, almonds, peas, chickpeas, broccoli, salmon, tofu and sardines…

6. Other ways to grow eyelashes

Nowadays, many people use serums to care for eyelashes. One of them is FEGPLUS – This kind of product is trusted by many people.

Fegplus has achieved the US FDA standard. It contains ingredients which is safe to use.

  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: helps to repair damage quickly
  • Adenosine: Extracted from precious herbs. Has eyelid protection from irritation, anti-inflammation, against viruses
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate: slows down the aging process, improves the eyelid moisture, strengthens the eyelashes

Fegplus will meet all your requirements. This is your prefect choice.

eyelashes growth vitamins
FEG Plus

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