Lavender is present in many parts of the world. Essential oils and perfume are product of it. Nowadays, lavender essential oil is good cosmetics and medicinal herbs. Updating the surprising uses of lavender from beauty that women need to know. Especially, growth eyelash with lavender oil.


1. Lavender oil is good for health

Firstly, helping to calm the mind and relax is one of the outstanding uses of lavender oil. we simply put 2 to 3 drops of oil into the palm, use the nose to breathe really deep. Then, you can apply lavender oil to your wrists, neck, temples or wherever your body feels the scent. So it make the nerves relaxes, stress is relieved, and calms yourself down.

Secondly, lavender oil in the bedroom is good for sleep. We just need to put a little oil on the palm then take a deep breath. In addition, you can put a few oil on the pillow, blanket …The fragrance will diffuse in the air. Thanks to that, the space becomes clean, fragrant and you will quickly sleep well.

Lavender oil is good for health

Finally, Lavender oil cure insect bites. It is very safe and quick effect. Besides, we can prevent the attack of insects with lavender oil. You only need to apply lavender oil on clothes, hats, hats, wrists, neck and other positions on the body.

2. Beauty care with lavender oil

  • Acne treatment on the skin

According to dermatologist’s research, lavender oil is one of the oils in treating acne. Because it has high antibacterial. In addition, lavender oil works to enhance blood circulation. It makes the skin cells strong and promotes the creation of new skin cells.

  • Toxic waste in the skin

Toxins and other pollutants from the environment negatively affect the skin. Lavender oil contains antioxidants. It will prevent harmful bacteria on the skin and slow down the aging process.

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  • Besides, lavender oil make your eyelashes more beautiful.

3. Take care of eyelashes with lavender oil

Lavender oil has a benign ingredient for the skin. It can even be used for sensitive skin. Lavender oil eyelash growth. It is the solution for thin and short lashes. In addition, oil also prevents the damage of eyelashes.

Take care of eyelashes with lavender oil

How to use:

  • Use lavender oil diluted with warm water to apply on eyelashes before going to bed.
  • Do it 2 – 3 times one week
  • Be so careful when using it, Don’t put oil in your eyes. If the oil gets into your eyes, wash it gently with clean water
  • Wash your eyelashes with clean water next morning

Note when using lavender oil to take care of eyelashes:

  • Don’t use pure lavender essential oil
  • If you are allergic to lavender, don’t use it
  • Please stop using if your skin is redness or showing signs of allergy

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4.Another method to have beautiful eyelashes

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Growth eyelash with lavender oil



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