Reveal 4 Tips Growth Natural Eyelash Easy and Quickly

Owning long curled lashes is a desire of women. There are many modern methods for growing eyelashes like eyelash extensions. However, many women prefer natural beauty tips on eyelashes. If you want longer, fuller lashes, there are plenty of natural ways you want to try. Here are 4 Tips Growth Natural Eyelash Easy And Cheap you want to know.

Reveal 4 Tips Growth Natural Eyelash Simple and Quickly

1. Coconut oil / Olive / castor oil helps eyelash growth natural

At bedtime, wash your face. A clean “slate,” free of makeup, is your best bet. Then, pour oil of your choice (or a mix of coconut and castor oils) into a small dish, about 5 drops’ worth. Dip a cotton swab into oil (without saturating it) and rub along your lashes. Get as close to the base (where your lashes meet your lid) as you can without getting in your eye. And, you should repeat in other eye and leave overnight. Once you wake up, wash your face again. Finally, a nightly routine incorporating this method should result in thicker and longer lashes in just 2 to 3 months!

Tips Growth Natural Eyelash
castor oil helps eyelash growth natural

Benefits And How To Use Eyelash Growth Coconut Oil?

2. Make eyelashes length with vaseline

Do you feel uncomfortable with short lashes? You want to own long and curved lashes attracting thousands of eyes? So, quickly skip to how to make long eyelashes with vaseline below. This is one of the tips growth natural eyelash, that has been tested by many women and has brought quite surprising results.
Vaseline is a product use to moisturize the skin, helping skin avoid cracking, peeling in the dry winter. On the market today, it is not difficult to buy vaseline products. So, you can find them at any convenience store or large and small supermarket.
Tips Growth Natural Eyelash
Vaseline – Tip Growth Natural Eyelash


Before going to bed, apply some vaseline to your eyelashes with a cotton swab. Comb from head to tip for both upper and lower lashes. Because it is a wax, so when you use it, you will not have to worry about getting vaseline in your eyes like using olive or coconut oil. After doing so, sleep well, wake up the next morning to use water to wash back offline. Use regularly 2-3 times a week, after a period of time, you will own long, curved eyelashes that attract all eyes.


3. Make eyelashes length with Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps stimulate eyelashes to grow faster. Not only in coconut oil or olive oil, they are also processed, manufactured and sold in tablet form. Because of many uses such as moisturizing the skin, treating cracked heels, softening the lips, … So, vitamin E is widely sold. You can buy them at any cosmetic store.

Tips Growth Natural Eyelash
Make eyelashes length with Vitamin E

To increase the effectiveness, you can mix vitamnin E with coconut oil and vaseline. Proceed as follows:

  • Prepare vitamin E tablets, coconut oil and vaseline
  • Mix the 3 ingredients above as follows: Take vaseline with pea mixed with 5 drops of olive oil and 5 drops of vitamin E.
  • Remove eye makeup clean
  • Use a cotton swab dipped in the mixture and start brushing directly from the head to the eyelids.
  • Leave the mixture on your eyelashes for as long as possible. When you want to clean, just use water to wash through, the mixture will easily be swept away.

For a mixture of vaseline, vitamin E, coconut oil, you can use 2 times / day and use continuously is okay. Consistently perform in about 2-3 weeks as you can own attractive curled eyelashes.


4. Feg Plus – Natural eyelash growth

If you are a busy person who wants convenience but still wants to have strong long eyelashes, FEG Plus is the perfect choice for you. With all natural ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Adenosine, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and vitamin C, it will add the necessary nutrients to the lashes. Helps nourish healthy eyelashes naturally and extend the breakout cycle.

Tips Growth Natural Eyelash
Feg Plus – Natural eyelash growth


The usage is extremely simple. First, clean your eyes. Then, you apply the solution directly to the area under the eyelashes like mascara. Finally, wait 1-2 minutes for the solution to dry completely. Now your eyelashes are well protected and nourished, you will see your eyelashes change after just a few days of use.

OVERALL: Here are 4 Tips Growth Natural Eyelash Easy and Cheap. If you’re feeling inferior with short eyelashes, then quickly select an appropriate way to apply it. Wish you effective beauty.

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